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Tramuntana mountains, a massive mountain range that rises from the coast of Mallorca in the northwestern part of the island. Almost 90 kilometers of rocky terrain capture this island landscape starting from the port of Andratx to the tip of Cap de Formentor, located in the north of Mallorca. Island peaks interrupt the monotony of the flat terrain, among which rises the highest peak - Puig Major. This region deservedly received the status of UNESCO World Heritage because nature played with the divine landscapes from which the rocky parts of this mountain encroach on the sea shores.

The local population traditionally devotes itself to orchards and olive groves located on the slopes of the Tramuntana mountains. These crops are successfully cultivated in this area, while the natural beauty generally attracts many tourists from all over the world to Mallorca every year. Serra de Tramuntana thus attracts both nature lovers and all those with a sporting spirit, because only the most adventurous can climb the mountain peaks. Of course, apart from the cliffs and forests, this island has great beaches and hospitality accommodation.

Geographical characteristics of the mountainous regions of Mallorca

Mallorca, that wonderful Spanish island! 554 km of coastline in a perfect natural environment has led to the fact that about 40% of the island is protected by law. The capital city of Palma de Mallorca depicts a rich history, so in some places, you can see the remains of Gothic cathedrals. This island, along with Ibiza and Menorca, belongs to the so-called Balean Islands, islands of picturesque landscapes in the Mediterranean. Southeast Mallorca has divine beaches that, year after year, are visited by tourists from all over the world, bringing memories of turquoise water and Tramuntana mountains.

This perfect combination of natural features makes this island unique. The mountain ranges plunging into the sea from the southeastern side show the violence of nature, which for centuries joined the rock with the water. Along the coast of this part of Mallorca are seaside towns, with resorts with all the modern facilities for a holiday. The coastal villages also provide the authentic natural beauty of Mallorca tucked away among the interspersed coasts and bays.

Numerous bays in the southeastern area of ​​Mallorca

Almost 200 bays stretch along the shores of this Mediterranean island. Whether you like to hike or rent a boat to tour them, you will surely enjoy visiting these bays. We will list some of the bays that stand out for their specific characteristics.

Cala Mitjana

This is a bay surrounded by pine forests, and a unique fjord surrounds the resort of Cala d'Or. Getting to the bay is a challenge, so only the most persistent will decide to get there. Arriving at the bay allows one to enjoy the original and untouched nature.

Cala Marcal

The bay, 80 meters long and 100 meters wide, is known for being sheltered from the waves. It is near the town of Portocolom and the beach of Cala Sa Nau. The bay was created under natural conditions where the coast meets the mouth of the stream.

Cala Mondrago and Cala S'Amarador

These two bays are located north of Portocolom, and steep cliffs stretch out in combination with pine forests.

Cala Sa Nau

Cala Sa Nau is a bay with a length of 350 meters. There is a coniferous forest in the bay's surroundings, while the position of the bay protects bathers from the waves.

Puig Major on Tramuntana mountains in Mallorca - Mallorca Gold


Tramuntana mountains - UNESCO World Heritage

If you are a fan of rocky landscapes, the Tramuntana mountains are a place that will take you to stunning landscapes. This mountain range emerged along the southwest-northeast direction, and since 2011 it has been under the protection of UNESCO as a world heritage site with special physical significance.

The Tramuntana mountains have their highest peak, Puig Major, which stands out as the highest peak among the Balearic Islands. The top of this mountain is 1,445 meters high, while the slightly lower peak is Puig de Massanella, 1,364 meters high. To the south of this enormous mountain region is Serra de Na Burguesa.

The altitude of over 1,400 meters has forested areas, canyons, and dangerous cliffs. There are several lakes among the cliffs, so this is a real experience for walkers who come to the Tramuntana mountains in all seasons. Also, it is not uncommon to see cyclists who have organized bicycle paths. This region is the wettest on the island, and due to the extreme height of the mountain ranges, the colder weather also brings snowfall.

The 90-kilometer-long mountain massif has connected various sights, so these massifs hide small villages and preserve not only the ecological but also the historical value of the region. What is particularly breathtaking are the mountain peaks over one kilometer high, especially those in the northwest, descending into the sea, creating a perfect contrast. Opposite this mountainous region, the southeastern massifs encroach on the areas of olive groves. There are also numerous vineyards, and the fertile soil is ideal for growing orchards.

The towns and villages in the Tramuntana mountains area have a unique historical influence. The Caliphate of Córdoba inhabited many of these regions at the turn of the 9th to the 10th century. This population left many traces of the social organization of inhabited areas, so we can still see earthen terraces that stretch all the way to the sea in Banjalbufar. This way, the excess water easily flowed away, irrigating the vital areas for cultivating orchards and olive groves. Due to the steep and massive rocky terrain, many villages had no contact with other parts of the island until the 20th century. There are often viewpoints near the village. Located on the tops of some of the cliffs of the Tramuntana mountains, they offer a spectacular view of the foothills of Mallorca. Some of them are Mirador de Ricardo Roca and Mirador Es Colomer.

Striking mountain villages

Villages with authentic styles are scattered along the entire length of the Tramuntana mountains. The houses are built so that they do not disturb the rocky environment that surrounds them too much. We will highlight only some of these fairy-tale villages:

When it comes to cities, the city of Sóller exemplifies French influence. Above the Soler valley is one of the most beautiful villages of this region - Fornalutz. The village, located on a high mountain area, offers a unique view of the valley's interior.

The village of Estellencs is located on the passes of the mountain ranges, from which the village of Banialbufar is a little far away. Both places offer a beautiful view down the mountain that encroaches on the plain.

The east of the Tramuntana mountains hides the beautiful village of Polenca. This place is recognizable by the Calvary steps leading to the Calvary Church.

Other places include the fishing village of Ses Covetes, as well as the village of Campos, where Piris cheese is produced, Son Marroig, where the Deia International Music Festival is held, Andratx, Valldemossa.

Villages on the highest mountain slopes

Galilea is an incredible village located 450 meters above sea level on the rim of the Tramuntana mountains. Lovely landscape with houses, among which there are several restaurants! Driving to this village is challenging because the rocky terrain is dominant and intimidating. In addition, the village has its own church, from the plateau of which there is a beautiful panorama of the sea. The Santuari de Lluc monastery is a place of pilgrimage and believers and is hidden among rich forests.

Another beautiful village is Deia, located on high cliffs. It is increasingly a place for wealthy guests who visit the fashionable 5 * hotel - La Residencia. Among the famous villages are Valdemosa, Fornalutk, Soler and Banialbufar, and others.

 Panorama of Valldemossa in Tramuntana mountains - Mallorca Gold


All tourist attractions of the mountain massif

The southeast coast of Mallorca is adapted to tourism. The Cala d'Or resort has all the tourist facilities, and its architecture with low houses and white buildings stands out. The resort has a harbor that is sandwiched between two stone cliffs. Numerous tourist facilities include places such as:

Dragon's Cave (Coves del Drac)

This excursion attraction is located near Porto Cristo at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains. The caves called Dragon stretch for almost 2 kilometers and are made up of many passages in underground caves that are illuminated to see stalactites and stalagmites. By the way, the underground lake in these caves is the largest in Europe!

Botanical garden - Botanicactus

A place that will amaze all cactus lovers because it has over ten thousand cacti! Various plant species embellish the lake that dominates the central part of the park — a perfect environment with greenery in the surroundings of the massive Tramuntana mountains.

Nature reserve - La Reserva Puig de Galatzo

La Reserva Puig de Galatzo is located in the forest on the western side of the Tramuntana mountains. This reserve is also a park that offers adventure activities: ride a cable that descends through the forests, or walk across suspension bridges that are located at great heights suspended from trees.

Recreational activities on mountain slopes

One of the largest cities located in the southeast of the Tramuntana mountains is the city of Manacor. This city is specific because it is here that you will find the real production of artificial pearls! You can find everything in this city by walking because the streets are laid out in well-marked routes. Sights that you can visit are:

  • Crawl La Torre de Verger,
  • Sant Vicente Ferrer Monastery,
  • Church of Son Pereta,
  • Torre del Enagistes tower.

Cycling challenges

If you are adventurous, you can always ride a bike to an attraction or famous place. This is supported by the fact that many famous cyclists choose Mallorca as the place for their cycling teams. Professional teams train here even during the winter because the climate is moderately cold, and above all, the roads are of good quality. Mountain trails are a unique challenge because they determine gradual effort and active strain during training.

Dramatic cycling route Sa Calobra (or Colls Dels Reis)

This bike path involves going down the cliff to the village of Sa Kalobra. After that, the route climbs with numerous curves. This route offers a great view of the countryside around the Tramuntana mountains, and another equally popular route is the one that leads to Cap de Formentor, which has even more curves.

Regarding hiking, we can point out that nothing is as attractive as a walk in the Tramuntana mountains. The most significant advantage of hiking is that you choose your own walking speed, the place where you are headed, and of course, you always have enough time to stop and enjoy the spectacular views. Tramuntana mountains are unique. Many hiking tours lead to the top, and we can say that some are intended only for those in good shape! However, regardless of the effort and different levels of hiking tours, they all have one thing in common - a fantastic view of the countryside. We will list some of the famous hiking routes:

  • The Route de Pedra en Sec stretches through the Tramuntana mountains, from Andratx to Pollenca, and is the longest route that will bring you the experience of authentic historic roads - cobblestones. La Ruta de Piedra is 280 km long and is the best-preserved route in Mallorca. The trail comprises eight stages, some of which reach a height of 1000 meters, which is genuinely a real mountaineering feat!
  • Another route that winds through the Tramuntana mountains is the Puig des Teix route. This 1062-meter-long route starts from the trail located near Valdemosa. It is extremely heavy. A particularly interesting part of this route is the Camino del Archiducue (Cami de s'Arkiduc), a stone path built at the end of the 19th century.
  • Routes of moderate difficulty go through the Tramuntana mountains - Ermita de Maristella and Fita del Ram. The route leads to a viewpoint above the village of Esporles. Further, the road goes from Esporles to the Hermitage of Maristel to Fita del Ram.

We have listed several hiking routes that wind through the Tramuntana mountains. Among the famous ones are: La Comuna de Fornalutk, Camino de S'Illeta, Cami des Correu, Torre Picada, and others.

Tramuntana mountains offer a real adrenaline experience because the wild landscapes are ideal for adventure tours. The rocky landscape full of cliffs and bays attracts everyone who loves fun and enjoys wild nature. Climbing rocky cliffs and terrains called canyoning has found its rightful place here. It is about the SaFoska canyon.

Apart from the highest mountain peaks covered with winter snow, the rest of the Tramuntana mountains have a moderate continental climate. The Puig Major mountain peak is unique because it rises in winter in its whiteness that can be seen from the whole island.

These mountain areas have developed their own plant and animal ecosystem, so wild animals are specific to this climate. First of all, here you can meet wild goats and black vultures, unique in the world. In Campanet, you can go on a birdwatching excursion.

From everything we have stated, you can conclude that Mallorca is a combination of untouched nature that is often harsh and rough in its beauty through the mountain massifs that stretch along the coast. But at the same time, this island is a symbiosis of stone and water that together create a perfect landscape for millennia. If you haven't had the opportunity to visit this Mediterranean island, we recommend Mallorca!


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