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Do you have a property for sale that might appeal to our discerning clientele, but it is not listed in Mallorca Gold’s portfolio yet? We will appreciate you giving us a chance to introduce ourselves and inform you about the diverse and strategic marketing opportunities we offer.

  • We are the only luxury real estate agent in Mallorca specializing in the sale of properties over EUR 4 million in the southwest.
  • With our new online presence, we show that we understand the luxury sector for second properties.
  • Excellent relationships with other international real estate agencies such as Knight Frank from the UK, Ginesta Immobilien AG from Switzerland, BHS from the USA and many others.
  • Potential buyers are screened to avoid “property tourism” as much as possible.
  • Request of maximum documentation of your property for sale to avoid nasty surprises even before the potential buyer orders his due diligence

Our services

  • Wide-ranging, intensive and individual real estate marketing
  • in specialized media on a local and international basis
  • Discreet sale
  • of exclusive properties that are not to be published
  • Individual multilingual support
  • in English, German, Spanish, French and Dutch
  • Fluent communication
  • with clients, owners and us
  • Expert visits
  • and precise descriptions of the properties on our website
  • Mediation and coordination of competent professionals
  • such as lawyers, architects, banks, tax consultants, experts and other service providers as well as island-wide networking with cooperation partners
Geschäftsführender Inhaber Daniel Waschke
Managing Owner Daniel Waschke

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Give us the opportunity to introduce ourselves. We will be happy to inform you about our diverse strategic marketing opportunities.

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Willkommen bei Mallorca Gold, ich bin Daniel Waschke

Bitte erzählen Sie uns, wonach Sie suchen und wir helfen Ihnen persönlich und unverbindlich, Ihre Traumimmobilie auf Mallorca zu kaufen.

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