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There are many properties for sale in Mallorca - especially second homes for non-residents, but how many are there really? Let's refer here to the market situation in mid-2022 to give some real figures, which reflect the average of several, international real estate agencies operating in Mallorca. 

There are about two thousand properties for sale - more than ten times as many as in cities such as Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Zurich, Amsterdam, Vienna and more than two or three times as many as in London or Paris. At Mallorca Gold we have specialized in one certain geographical region and a certain price segment.

As a luxury real estate agent in Mallorca, Mallorca Gold's particularly strong geographical regions are also the places where our offices are located. Essentially, there are two main regions: the Southwest with the offices in Palma - Son Rapinya with the main responsibility for Son Vida, Palma, Portals, Bendinat and Sol de Mallorca and the office in Port Andratx, which is primarily responsible for properties in Port Andratx, Camp de Mar and Nova Santa Ponsa. 

The second main region of Mallorca is the West Coast - here you will also find our office in Soller, which covers the areas of Valldemossa, Deía and Sóller.

These are the two main regions where we have the strongest presence, but of course, we also offervery exclusive properties in all over the beautiful island.

As a luxury real estate agent in Mallorca, we concentrate on a certain price segment per area. In the southwest we offer properties for sale starting at four million euros - it is the region of Mallorca where the demand and the density of properties for sale is probably the highest.

Managing Owner Daniel Waschke
Managing Owner Daniel Waschke
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In our eyes, it is not professional enough for an estate agent to advise a buyer for a four million euro flat in the morning and a buyer for a seven million villa in the afternoon, because each of these two clienteles expects and demands a completely different service. For all other regions, except the southwest of Mallorca, we start with a price segment of two million euros for villas and houses.

As our agents are very focused and only deal with an exclusive and select group of properties, your Mallorca Gold agent can offer you properties in a wide variety of geographical areas without you having to call in another agent - you have one contact and one person of trust. We know how important trust is and how easily it can be destroyed if you have to bring in a new agent for your viewings.

With Mallorca Gold you have a contact person and a confidant who accompanies you throughout the process.

As our agents are very focused and only deal with an exclusive and select group of properties, your Mallorca Gold agent can offer you properties in a wide variety of geographical areas without you having to call in another agent - you have one contact and one person of trust. We know how important trust is and how easily it can be destroyed if you have to bring in a new agent for your viewings. With Mallorca Gold you have found an real estate agency that has already earned your trust through the first emails, property offers and follow-ups before you have even visited Mallorca. Then, when the time comes for the first viewing, that trust will be confirmed and you will be open to viewings for properties in Bendinat or Nova Santa Ponsa, for example, in the same geographical area in the southwest of Mallorca, in addition to properties in Son Vida. A Mallorca Gold agent in whom you have placed your trust will be able to show you the different areas in the southwest and accompany you, while in other agencies different real estate consultants will have to intervene. This leads to the fact that, firstly, there are two or more advisors instead of one, and secondly, sometimes unintentionally and sometimes intentionally, the agent of one area forces too much to "sell his area" and does not focus enough on the facts that are really important for you - the customer - and does not respond enough to your wishes and needs.

Remember that there is not hardly any exclusivity in Mallorca and that the same property will most likely be offered for sale by several estate agencies at the same time.

Our services

  • Objective and detailed advice
    about offers, areas and prices
  • Discreet sale
    of exclusive estates, which are not to be published
  • Individual multilingual support
    in English, German, Spanish, French and Dutch
  • Fluent communication
    with clients, owners and us
  • Expert visits
    and precise descriptions of the properties on our website
  • Mediation and coordination of competent professionals
    such as lawyers, architects, banks, tax consultants, experts and other service providers as well as island-wide networking with cooperation partners

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Our team

Our professional team offers you honest and non-binding advice with experience and contacts from over 22 years in the real estate business.

Office Palma

Cami de Son Rapinya 40
07013 Palma de Mallorca
Tel +34 971 790 701

Daniel Chavarria Waschke

Managing Partner

Fred van der Doelen

General Director

Nicole Böckmann

Ad. Mallorca Gold Manager

Marc Scheidler

Sales Agent

Office Andratx

Carrer de Isaac Peral 49
07157 Port d' Andrat
Tel +34 971 329 800

Daniel Chavarria Waschke

Managing Partner

Francesca Chiesa

Team Assistant

Office Soller

Av. Christòfol Colom 2
07100 Soller
Tel +34 971 638 785

Jaime Roig

Area Director Westcoast

Barbara Helwig

Sales Agent

Our network

Depending on your nationality and the area in which you would like to buy or already own your luxury second home, we would like to put you in touch with our network of independent professionals, which we are going to summarise for you in the following sections:

Surveyors, appraisers: These are usually surveyors, engineers or architectural companies who inspect the property for structure, dampness, building quality, etc. They check the condition of the water and electricity installations, the technology of the swimming pools, check the water pressure, the estimated KW, the functionality of the heating - whether underfloor heating, radiators, or heat pump, and also the air conditioning systems.

Due Diligence: Lawyers and consultants are responsible for checking all documents with the various official bodies (Town Halls, The island council of Mallorca, Land Registry and Cadastral Office) that the property being viewed meets all the required standards. They also identify the actual owner of the property and then advise on the best way to sell or buy the property.

Tax advisors: They are up to date on double taxation agreements with Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries. For the best advice, they need to know who will use the property and for how long, and whether it could become your primary residence in the not-too-distant future, and to even recommend taxation of all your world assets in Spain on a case-by-case basis. Should you decide to sell the property again in the not-too-distant future, they will recommend the best purchase structure for you to enjoy your luxurious second home in Mallorca. At the tax offices, they usually take care of all the small taxes and fees related to the property.

Building contractors: They already have many years of experience and are used to the high demands of Northern European buyers. We can also put you in touch with a project manager. If desired, this person will manage all important matters relating to the property and thus act as a link between the builder and the interior designer. Everyone works together side by side from the very first moment, thus avoiding unnecessarily high costs for last-minute changes due to furniture or lighting requirements. Included here is also the planning of kitchens, wardrobes, curtains, and many other elements that are usually given less attention by the client or architect.

Our network consists of many more professionals, which have not been mentioned in detail above. As a luxury real estate agent in Mallorca - we at Mallorca Gold are like Mallorquins, we have been working for the exquisite and demanding world of luxury second homes since 1996. Whether it is a maintenance company, a catering company, an event company for your parties and birthdays, a transfer, a car, a yacht or any other request - we will put you in touch with a professional who will certainly not let you down.



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