Secret places in Mallorca

This magical island is located in the Mediterranean Sea, east of mainland Spain. Mallorca has earned the title of queen of good times and the most beautiful beaches in the last 30 years. Over time, the number of visitors is constantly increasing. So buying real estate on this island has proven to be an excellent investment since the prices of houses and apartments are growing daily.

The demand is exceptional, so if you find a property that suits you according to all the criteria, do not wait. You will soon find someone who will not think twice and will contract the purchase immediately.

The reason for this status of Mallorca and the desire of tourists to visit it regularly and even become homeowners on that island is numerous. In fact, at this very place, many places can be “private” – despite the number of tourists. That is also the secret of all the famous places in the world. They all have something unique and provide tourists/residents with the necessary level of privacy in lovely, almost paradisiacal places.

Where is Palma de Mallorca?

Palma de Mallorca is one of Europe’s most famous seaside resorts, located on the Mediterranean Sea, south of Barcelona. It belongs to the Balearic Islands and the famous Ibiza, Menorca, and Formentera.

It is part of Spain, so the population of Mallorca is primarily Spanish, and many Portuguese and French live there. More than 400,000 people live in the island’s capital, which is about half of the total population of Palma de Mallorca.

Weather in Palma de Mallorca

The island has a pleasant Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and mild winters. During the year, there are an average of 300 sunny days. The summer temperature is around 320C, and the temperature in winter is between 150C and 200C. Heaven on earth for all ages!

July and August are best for vacations, but the island’s weather adds charm to the enjoyment. And even out of season, when it is completely isolated, to rest, work, create, or simply have a family reunion in a perfect setting.

Illetas is "Monte Carlo of Mallorca" - Mallorca Gold

Illetas – Monte Carlo of Mallorca

One place you might hear called the Monte Carlo of Mallorca is Illetas. This small and picturesque place is well known for its temperate climate, and the wind often blows and makes you feel very pleasant in the heat, no matter how hot it is.

Illetas is known for many luxury hotels, and a nearby hotel has one of the best golf courses on the island. And there are excellent reasons for it! We will talk about it a little later.

Iltasa is also adorned with exceptional beaches. The main one is about 200 meters long and about 50 meters wide and is considered one of the best beaches on the entire coast of Spain. The sand on this beach is something that will delight any tourist, the softness and fineness of the sand on this beach are incredible.

If you want something original, it is worth going to the small but beautiful rustic town of Valldemossa, hidden in the heart of the Tramuntana mountains. Valdemos is a former Carthusian monastery where Chopin and George Sand spent a cold winter!

What do you think, how is the place where one of the best tennis players in the world, the famous Rafa, likes to spend his free time? The location is called Portokrist and is characterized by peace, tranquility, and exceptional nature. Near that place is the Cave of the Dragon and the underground lake Martel. Were they hidden and attractive enough? And more than that!

You will find absolute peace in the natural park of Mondragó, with one of the most attractive coves in Mallorca.

Mallorca’s natural pools

There aren’t many of them! But, on this occasion, we would like to highlight an exceptional swimming pool, a work of nature, but below the surface of the earth!

Drak is the largest underground cave in Europe. It consists of four interconnected caves, also called dragon caves because their formations extend from the top to the bottom of the cave. In those caves is the largest underground lake in the world, Lake Martel, 1,150 meters long and 30 meters wide.

This lake is an absolute natural pool, not so visited, which means it offers privacy and all the heavenly charms of this Mediterranean island. Can you imagine yourself in a place like this? If you can, then you want it, don’t you? Well, what are you waiting for?

Nudism in Mallorca

Nudism in Mallorca is not the most popular and acceptable way of behaving. Not because of the restrictions on people’s freedoms but because the local authorities are tired of dealing with tourists who misbehave daily.

Severe punishments have been introduced for anyone who behaves like this. But visitors are not prohibited from enjoying all the charms of the sun, with all their being, in strictly designated places. The Playa des Dice beach (of the West Greece Dike) is reserved for that. If that is not enough for you, you can go to the nearby Balearic Islands anytime and enjoy the nudist way of life and entertainment.

The quiet beaches of the island of Mallorca are like hidden places - Mallorca Gold

Quiet beaches

Trees and low cliffs surround Cala Comtessa beach. It is only about a hundred meters long, which makes it one of the smallest beaches in Palma de Mallorca. Despite that, it is rarely crowded because the place is visited by the elite who want to spend their vacation days in the best possible way. And with the highest level of privacy, of course.

Like most of the beaches in Palma de Mallorca, Cala Oli is a sandy beach surrounded by pine forests. On the south side, there is a small peninsula ideal for romantic moments for couples in love. Who wants to be alone and away from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist destinations should visit this place.

Coves of Palma de Mallorca

Nature has been kind to this island by giving it the best in the truest sense. The island is full of beautiful beaches with countless coves, so you must research to find the one you like best. Either way, we’d like to suggest something you should put on your schedule.

The most beautiful part of Magaluf and Palma Nova are “Dos conchas,” as two large sandy coves separated by Cape Balena are popularly called. You can find two beautiful wide and long beaches in these bays.

Magaluf is lovely for active holidays and hectic times, but also for families, as well as for all those who love good swimming and clear sea. Rows of hotels, restaurants, shops, nightclubs, night bars, and shopping centers unfold, ending with a large Aquapark. The complex is about 12 km from the city of Palma and 17 km from the airport.

Virgin coves of Mallorca

The east coast of Mallorca is a protected area, and it has been declared a natural park called Levante. In it, you will find unique vegetation, unforgettable landscapes, bays of unimaginable and unreal beauty, and crystal clear waters.

You should never miss the coves Cala Sekuer, Cala Pilota, Cala Varques, Cala Magraner, and Cala Virgili. What awaits you there is unreal: the crystal clear water invites you to enter and swim as much as you want. But be prepared that such an experience will remain in your memory forever. After that, you will want to come back again and again.

That is also one of the ideal destinations on the island if you want to isolate yourself from your family or friends and enjoy moments that will remain etched in your memory. Perhaps you think that even that is not enough for you?

Then visit the Cova des Coloms. It is one of the many sea caves (also known as Cova des Coloms de Cala Falco). It is characterized by an imaginary play of light and shadow. The water color ranges from transparent green through turquoise to dark blue. Suppose you are a photography and video enthusiast. In that case, you will find countless inspirations to “draw with light” (photo-graphia, in Greek).

Learn about the history that hides many natural formations inside the cave, then the legends of the pirates and adventurers who found this spectacular hiding place and hid their treasure in it. At least that’s what the legends say, although no one has yet managed to find anything left behind. Maybe you just got lucky? Well, turn that treasure into another form of glory: Island real estate!

Cala Andratx

The town of Andratx is situated in a valley at the southwestern edge of the Serra de Tramuntana mountains. It is surrounded by a forest of orange and almond trees, which bloom every February and leave stunning scenes – fields covered with flowers that remind of snowfall.

Andratx is a charming and quiet rural town typical of the original Mallorca. Like many cities on the coast, this city is located a few kilometers from its port, Port d’Andratx. That was an attempt to defend the inhabitants from the invasion of pirates, who wanted to hide their loot in the caves around the settlement.

And those caves are exactly what you want to see and visit. It is incredible how many coves, caves, bays, and other natural but unspoiled “buildings” this island has, and that is why you should enter those rudiments of unspoiled nature.

The importance of this place is amply demonstrated by the fact that it is on the hills surrounding the city. There are villas of wealthy people who isolate themselves from everyday life and enjoy all the charms of nature.

Caló des Moro

Suppose you are looking for hidden beaches made of the finest sand, surrounded by dense forests and waters whose purity and color take your breath away. In that case, you are in the right place and can’t find something like this everywhere.

Caló des Moro is something special, destined for the chosen ones. Indeed, this place is not the easiest to reach, but every minute spent conquering the trails is often worth it. Just see what heaven on earth is like and say if it’s worth the effort and make your life worth living!

The secret place from the open sea by a rock on Mallorca - Mallorca Gold

Coves of Santanyi

Are you looking for wild, untouched nature and ancient landscapes where plants and animals once ruled? Then these coves are the right place for you!

This beautiful bay is in the south of the island, southeast of Palma, below the town of Santanyi, hidden from the open sea by a rock. Even today, and we hope it will be like this forever, this space has remained untouched by human hands. To get to this cove, you have to walk from the main road, through side streets, and then over the rocks through the forest, no less than 20 minutes.

The path to the cove and its descent (relatively narrow and insufficiently secured) is exactly what you imagine when trying to find a hidden cove. There are no sun loungers, showers, bars, or other facilities on the beach, and there is not even a beach. Real desert!

You leave your towels and personal belongings on the rocks. That means right next to the water or on a small stone. That may not be a beach you’ll be spending all day on. Still, it’s worth paying attention to because it’s a place you don’t get to see very often.

Virgin beaches of Mallorca

The largest island in Spain, Palma de Mallorca, has exceptional sandy beaches, some of them with natural shade. It is formed by the pine forests surrounding them, making it an attractive destination for many tourists. But also investors.

In Palma de Mallorca, you can find long sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, and a lot of life. The most famous places for tourists in the southern part of the island are El Arsenal, Playa de Palma, and Torrenova, Palma Nova, Magaluf Santa Ponsa. They are said to be the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. Please choose your favorite and enjoy it to the fullest!

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