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Cala Millor Beaches – Check out our tips


The beach and hotels of the tourist resort of Cala Millor on Mallorca - Mallorca Gold

The east coast of Mallorca is known for the dedicated tourist resort of Cala Millor, built in the district of Son Servera. The distance from the Palma Mallorca airport is 65 km or a two-hour car drive.

The resort of CALA MILLOR consists of several beaches.

It includes the beaches of:

  • Cala Millor,
  • With Como,
  • Cala Bona,
  • S’Illot,
  • With Marjal,
  • Es Ratjoli,
  • Port Roig
  • Es Ribell.

Cala Millor is 6 km vast, and it includes a protected bay with these wonderful beaches.

The Cala Millor beach is certainly among the most famous, but the others are also adapting to vacations and all tourist expectations.

Cala Millor Beach

Cala Millor beach is the largest beach in the Cala Millor resort. In the mid-20th century, this area was a large dune. The rest of the environment – palm trees and excellent water led to the decision to turn this region into a resort. Today, this place has over 5,000 inhabitants and a fantastic offer of all the tourist facilities necessary for a perfect vacation. Over 50 hotels will host you. In addition, numerous apartments offer complete accommodation services.


This beach is specific according to its geographical location and features. Add to that the fact that it was awarded the Blue Flag due to the clean, transparent water, fine white sand, and the general arrangement of this beach area.

This beach is also part of the bay located between Sa Punta de n’Amer and Costa dels Pins, a region of great bio-geographical importance that has been awarded a special award for quality by the Ministry of Tourism.


All this is enough to make one of the Cala Millor Beaches your choice when planning your next vacation! If we talk about primary geographical data, we can state the following, the beach has:


  • Width: 50 m
  • Length: 2000 m
  • Composition: Sand


As far as the tourist infrastructure is concerned, all Cala Millor Beaches have a modern offer, and everything is a sign of tourism. The largest of all beaches is richly equipped with umbrellas, deckchairs, showers, and beach props. As for catering establishments, there are restaurants and cafes scattered along the beach, and you will find everything you need for the beach, eating or cooling off in numerous shops.


The bay of Cala Millor is exciting for its sandy area and cycling path. Both zones connect at their end with the promenades on the shores of Son Servero and Sant Llorenzo. In this way, the setlist also allows connecting the coast with the city of Son Servera.


In this beach area, the sea is calm, and there are no big waves, so this is the right choice for a family holiday with children. You can find entertainment for children in the city center, where there are playgrounds and the “Fantasy” theme park.


As for adults, various sports activities are accessible at every step. If you are sporty, you will enjoy playing tennis on the sand, volleyball on the sand, or kicking the ball on the sand! Going out to sea in a boat as a day trip will give you the pleasure of looking at the beautiful Mediterranean landscape.


Nightlife is a real challenge because of all the cafes and bars in the resort. Palace K. is just one of the discos where you can look for entertainment. If you are more of a fan of restaurants, your choice will be unlimited! The restaurants offer a rich offer and serve traditional tapas, seafood, and various international dishes.


Cala Millor Beach is accessible for people with disabilities, for whom different access ramps and special parking spaces have been specially installed. This speaks volumes for the contents offered by Cala Millor Beaches.


Water sports are available, so apart from sunbathing, you can always look for more dynamic activities such as windsurfing, jet skiing, parasailing, surfing, etc.


Cala Millor and Cala Bona are two resorts that are a unique combination because they are connected by a series of apartments and hotels along the coast.

3 areas of Cala Millor beach


What characterizes most Cala Millor Beaches is that they are divided into three parts – each beach comprises the northern, central, and southern parts.


  1. The northern area of “Arenal de Son Servera”

This is the beginning of the beach where the hotel accommodation is located.


  1. Central area “Platja de Sant Llorenz”

This area is located in the immediate vicinity of the village of Son Moro Bonavista.


  1. Southern area “Kala Nau”

This part of the beach is part of the Punta de n’Amer peninsula.


Cala Millor Beaches on Mallorca island - Mallorca Gold


Places to visit in the Cala Millor area

The nature of the eastern region of Mallorca is truly enchanting. Cala Millor Beaches are located among large palm trees and beautiful sky-turquoise water, enough to indulge in relaxation. Of course, to complete your vacation with other activities, apart from spending the whole day on plasma, you can choose one of the destinations to enjoy the sights of this region.

We will mention once again that walking is enough for a half-day activity, so you can decide to spend the day walking along the coast of Cala Millor to the neighboring towns: Cala Bona, Sa Coma, and S’Illot.


We will list some of the most interesting places in the Cala Millor area that you can visit and enhance your vacation. They include:


  • Cape Punta Amer and nature reserve,
  • Amer Peninsula Nature Reserve,
  • Wine region and the town of Felanik,
  • Park Safari,
  • Monastery Santuari de Sant Salvador
  • Cuevas del Hams and Cuevas del Drach

Cala Bona Beach

A former fishing village, Cala Bona is a small resort that deservedly received the Blue Flag for its beach. This small, important place equipped with all the tourist facilities needed for a vacation is recommended if you are planning to take children with you or are older. It will take about an hour to get to the resort by car from the airport.


Among the Cala Millor Beaches is another wonderful beach, the port of Cala Bona, which is intended only for smaller ships. However, it has up to 200 berths during the season. Even today, traces of the past can be seen in the port and the Llaut, small fishing boats said to have brought the design from ancient Egypt. You can rent boats and travel to the bay of Cala Varques because it cannot be reached directly by land.


With the Blue Flag award, this beach was the first to receive a standard certificate for universal accessibility. It is adapted for people with physical disabilities, for whom walkways are provided for moving along the beach and reaching the water. Disabled people also have their own parking spaces, access ramps, adapted showers, and changing rooms.


Basic geographical data of the beach:


  • Width: 32 m
  • Length: 550 m
  • Composition: Sand


Cala Bona plaza has three sandy beaches in bays divided by artificial stone breakwaters. Two of these beaches also have smaller sandy parts. As for the catering offered in this region, there is a good selection of food and drinks and everything you will need for the beach. There are deckchairs and umbrellas, showers, and toilets, and your safety is monitored by lifeguards.


You can always rent a car if you don’t like to walk. Of course, there is a bicycle, motorbike or you can take a smaller train that travels to Costa dels Pins. This place offers you even horse riding and touring the nearby region on horseback. Cala Millor Beaches have incredible facilities and really win with their hospitality.


Another sporting activity available to you is golf! Three golf courses are available to you:


  • Club de Golf de Son Servera
  • Caniamel Golf Course
  • Golf course Pula

Main sights in the Cala Boni region

Cala Millor Beaches in its nearby region have many sights and tourist attractions that you can visit.


  • Suppose you like hiking, the nearest neighboring place. In that case, a 15-minute walk away is Cala Miljorom, or you can visit the Sa Punta de n’Amer nature reserve, which will take you a little longer to walk to.


  • Along with all other Cala Millor Beaches, there is a bicycle path that you can use to reach the Costa dels Pins. In contrast, the longer Via Verda Manacor-Arta bicycle path can take you through the towns of Manacor, Son Carrio, Sant Llorenc des Cardassar and several others.


  • If you are more up for a bus ride, you can visit the Cove del Drac and Coves del Hams caves with large stalactites and stalagmites.


The beautiful beaches of the town of Cala Millor on the island of Mallorca - Mallorca Gold


Sa Coma Beach

The eastern side of Majorca hides another small resort – Sa Coma. This place was also constructed for the needs of tourism. The resort is located between Sa Punta de n’Amer and the S’iIlot area. In contrast, the resort of Cala Millor is situated to the north and Porto Cristo to the south.


Like all other Cala Millor Beaches, this place also has a beach with transparent watercolor that is ideal for diving. The sandy beach in Sa Coma is a little less than a kilometer long. The environment in the coastal area was awarded the Blue Flag for the purity of the water, its quality, and the customers’ safety.


Basic geographical data of the beach:


  • Width: 30 m
  • Length: 800 m
  • Composition: Sand


As on all other Cala Millor Beaches, you will have the opportunity to have a good time on the water. Paragliding, surfing, and other sports are always current, and you can rent equipment along the promenade. You can also play golf, tennis, squash or go bowling on Capun. Lifeguards take care of your safety at sea, while buoys warn of the limits you can swim.


Fun facilities for children include a mini golf course and a wide sandy beach with shallow water that can guarantee you will be safe while in the water.


Like the majority of Cala Millor Beaches, this beach has all the markings of a beach accessible for disabled people. Those persons are provided access ramps for the disabled and wheelchairs and special parking spaces.


Among the shops, there are also bars, including an Irish pub. There is a promenade leading to the beach with restaurants serving traditional food. Catalan cuisine is present, which combines the tastes of salty and sweet, and the “Langosta a la parrilla” is particularly outstanding. One of the specialties with grilled vegetables and lamb is “Frito Mallorcan”.

Interesting attractions in the Sa Coma region

Cala Millor Beaches can amaze you, not just with fine sand. You can use your vacation time to visit some of the natural beauties in the surroundings.


  • Zoo Safari in Cala Millor is ideal for children. You can observe animals such as zebras, elephants, monkeys, gazelles, rhinos, and giraffes from your transport, or you can sit on a safari bus.


  • The famous limestone caves Coves del Drach and Coves del Hams are located a few kilometers from the resort.


  • The archaeological settlement of Talaiot in S’iIlot is one of the more famous sites in this region. The “Talaiot Na Pol” archaeological site is a prehistoric stone building near the Safari Zoo.


  • A boat trip to the caves of Ham and Durres or on Lake Martel


We can conclude once again that the Cala Millor Beaches are a natural beauty that combines the spirit of tradition and modern features. We are sure that you will have a fantastic vacation whichever beach you choose. You will get to know the traditional characteristics of the inhabitants of Mallorca and the Mediterranean beauty that captivates at first sight!

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