Introducing Cala llombards Mallorca


 Introducing Cala llombards Mallorca

Cala llombards Mallorca


Mallorca is an island of extraordinary beauty that nature has rewarded with lively landscapes and even more beautiful bays. If we talk about the shores of this island, it is known that along its shores there are some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, including Cala llombards Mallorca. The bays of Mallorca are a treasure trove of history and modern tourist facilities and they are the reason why this island is a favorite for European tourists and tourists from all over the world.


Cala llombards Mallorca is just one of the bays that inspires with a fine sandy beach, clear and turquoise water and seascapes that captivate at first sight.


 Why is the southeast coast of Mallorca – the queen of the coast?

When you think of an island, you imagine a magical image – turquoise water, palm trees and greenery, with a typical marine environment, over which the warm Sun rises. It is no longer necessary to imagine such a picture because this kind of beauty is found in Cala llombards Mallorca, on the southeast coast of Mallorca. This region, more than others, has fairy-tale beaches dotted with golden sand and phenomenal sea colors. This part of the island is rich in bays that resemble fjords, there are also steep cliffs that plunge into the sea. Small seaside villages are located all over the region, while attractive resorts are active all year round because of tourists.


Cala llombards Mallorca is located in the south-east of Mallorca, which stretches along a rocky coast whose rock formations penetrate inland for about 200 m. At the very end of the bay there is a sandy beach with white sand about 60 m long and about 150 m wide.


In addition to this area of ​​unreal beauty and famous beaches with fine golden sand, centuries of erosion and the influence of winds and water have created a rich geographical area. The stone massifs of the bay as well as conifer forests and diverse plant life characteristic of the Mediterranean have made this place a real tourist Mecca.


Some of the famous rocky coves are located in the south-eastern region of Mallorca:


  • In the southern part of Porto Coloma is the Cala Markal beach, within which steep coves stretch out on both sides. These coves provide protection from waves, which is especially important for most tourists.


  • The Cala d’Or resort also has sandy beaches protected by the pine forest from the wind and the sun. A real Mediterranean beach with typically white houses and urban complexes adapted to tourism.


  • More famous bays in Cala llombards Mallorca are Cala Mondrago and Cala S’Amarador, while a few kilometers north of Portocolom is the bay “Cales de Mallorca”.


Sights of the Llombards Bay region - Mallorca Gold


 Sights of the Llombards Bay region


The first thing you will notice in the area of the southeast coast of Mallorca are the settlements in the form of rustic country houses, traditionally built of stone. Of course, tourism has taken off here as well, so new construction has brought accommodation facilities with swimming pools and striking facades. Accommodation here is quite luxurious and everything is subordinated to comfort and enjoyment. Due to its geographic characteristics, the catering accommodation, which is located on the mountain slopes, allows guests a great view from the terrace and a wonderful sea landscape.


The resorts in the southeast of Cala llombards Mallorca are a blend of traditional and modern influences. The white color of traditional houses is associated with the Mediterranean spirit, and their special charm is given by the style that fits into the natural environment.


 Destinations for fun trips


Cala llombards Mallorca and the southeast coast have their own sights that you can easily reach and have fun at the same time:


  • Protected area of ​​the natural park – “Mondrago”

The park is a habitat for numerous birds and rare species of flowers, as well as for indigenous specimens of the Mediterranean turtle.


  • Excursion to the cove “Dragon Cave”

The destination “Coves del Drac” is the right choice for adventurers who can crawl through a system of caves about 1.5 kilometers long. This hidden underground world also hides the largest underground lake of its kind.


  • Botanicactus Botanical Gardens

Different types of cacti and desert flora have found their habitat in this very place. An artificial lake is located on the surface of more than 100,000 m2.


  • Arched stone rock “Es Pontas”

This stone formation that penetrates into the sea is among the favorite locations, because it is a massive beauty of nature in the form of a bridge.


  • In the very south of Mallorca is “Cap de ses Salines”, a cape on which there is a lighthouse built in 1863.


  • City “Felantix”

Perhaps one of the most beautiful views of Cala llombards Mallorca and southeast Mallorca is offered from a height of 509 meters where the highest point of this region is located, near the monastery Santuari de Sant Salvador.


  • City “Manakor”

This city justifiaby received the name “pearl capital of Mallorca”, for the obvious reason, because in several factories in the city, beautiful artificial pearls for jewelry are produced.


  • Winery “Son Alegre”

An ideal place for tasting authentic local wine.


Santanyí - a maritime town inspired by history - Mallorca Gold


 Santanyí – a maritime town inspired by history


We cannot talk about Cala llombards Mallorca without mentioning

Santanyí. This small town of stone houses and long tradition reflects the former history. Its streets are paved with cobblestones, and it seems as if time has stood still in it. It is believed that this place was also an ancient Roman province, and the settlement in this place was mentioned at the beginning of the 12th century under the name Sancti Aini.


During the later period, the Santanyí were occupied by the Moors, and until the end of the 17th century the settlement was exposed to pirate attacks. In order to finally deal with the sea robbers, the local population finally built the first defensive fortress, the traces of which we can still see today. Porta Murada, or the old gate, is a historical landmark of the city, where the old city walls and towers remind us of the period of pirate attacks. Another of these towers is the Torre d’en Beu, in Cala Figura.


Cala llombards Mallorca, and the area of ​​Santanyí today has a completely different environment. In the middle of the 20th century, with the arrival of rich Spanish landowners, the desolate and poor region became a favorite place for European tourists. Today, Santanyí is a picture of modern architecture, with indelible traces of medieval walls and buildings.


The streets of the city were built from the local Mares sandstone, from which numerous city facades were built. The natural characteristics of this geographical area in Cala llombards Mallorca, made the golden colored sandstone give a special style to the city facades. Some of these facades can also be found on the cathedral in Palma and La Llotja.


Mallorca is one of the most popular islands in the Mediterranean area because all its bays are of unique beauty and geographical characteristics. It is the same with Cala llombards Mallorca, with the fact that this area in the southeast is particularly popular for its white sand and turquoise sea. The bays are often intersected by rocky cliffs supported by forests, and nature reserves continue even further inland.

 The charm of the old town of Santanyí


Santanyí has real Mallorcan charm. The shops in town are full of handicrafts and antiques. You can buy island art filled with tradition. The city is also home to various art workshops. In addition, the charm of this city is given by:


  • A market held on Wednesdays and Saturdays in the Plaza Mayor, when you can buy local products from the local population.
  • Plaza Mayor, the place from which you can reach the baroque church of Sant Andreu and the Capella del Rosser.
  • Another building on this square is the City Municipality from the beginning of the 19th century, while the memory of pirates is evoked by the medieval gate Porta Murad.


In addition to the old buildings, the city also has the charm of modern cafes and restaurants in the area, which are full of tourists during the summer season.


Beach and bay of the same name Llombards - Mallorca Gold


 Beach and bay of the same name Llombards


As we already stated at the beginning, the southeast of Mallorca is richer for Cala llombards Mallorca. This bay extends almost 200 meters into the inner part of the land, creating an incredible combination of water and stone. At the very end of the bay is the sandy beach of the same name where the resort is located – Cala Llombards, and the larger bay town is Es Llombards. Es Lombards does not look like other cities where there is an urbanized environment, but exudes a combination of peace and traditional houses. There is only one hotel in the town.


The beach of this bay is magical. The fine sand is a real atmosphere, especially if you consider that it leads to the crystal clear sea. Everything you need for lounging on the beach can be found in the shops, and you will certainly be able to use the showers and toilets. The beach is decorated with traditional boats, so you can also decide to sail in them. The walkers will take you to Cala Santanyi and to the natural rock formation of Es Pontas.


Local places and tourist facilities


Cala llombards Mallorca is united by several settlements that are made up of small villages and towns. The villages will provide you with an ideal vacation in silence if you do not like urban tourism. Cities have more tourist facilities, and we suggest some of the settlements in this region that you can enjoy:


  • “Cala Santanyi”

This is the closest resort in the immediate vicinity of the town of Es Lombards. It is several kilometers away in the northeast direction. The bay on this beach has rocky cliffs that surround it and thus prevent the creation of waves, so families with children choose this place for vacation.


  • “Porto Cristo”

Another small coastal town with a port surrounded by rocky bays on both sides. It also has a small beach as well as several restaurants.


  • City of cheese “Campos”

Mallorca is famous for this cheese of rectangular shape and nice taste called Piris.


  • “Cala d’Or”

A large tourist place is located a little further from Cala llombards Mallorca.


  • “Ses Covetes” and “Sa Rapita”

The most famous fishing villages.

If you decide for a more urban city, each of them will offer you all the necessary facilities, whether it is food or any other equipment for a pleasant stay on the island. This way you will be able to buy all the diving equipment since it is the most popular water sport in Mallorca. The reason for this is that the view of the bottom is crystal clear. Remember that September is the best month for diving because that’s when the sea animals come closer to the shore.

Otherwise, you need to know that the tourist season on Cala llombards Mallorca,

as in all parts of Mallorca, starts in April. In the peak season, there are big crowds, so maybe it’s best to choose smaller places and rural accommodation to avoid the summer chaos. The tourist season ends in October, and until then arrange a vacation at the end of August and September, when the sea is still warm and the water is calm and not too hot.

Any month of the year is a great choice for island fun. The pools have warm water even on autumn days, while the sea temperature in December is not below 16 degrees. The only difference compared to the warm summer period is that then this region becomes calmer and all active holiday activities are interrupted until the next season.


Gastronomic offer


If you are looking for food, you will have at your disposal the most diverse cuisine, from traditional tapas to modern dishes. On Cala llombards Mallorca there is a restaurant in Es Llombards. You will also find several restaurants in the resort of Cala Santanyi. We also suggest you to have lunch in the old fishing village, on the cliffs of Cala Figueres. A slightly larger selection of restaurant food is in Santanyi, where the Hotel Es Turo is located, in Ses Salines.

There are plenty of hotels on the beach in Cala D’or and hotels of all categories. The town of Santanyi also has some of the best hotels in Mallorca.

Southeast Mallorca is the queen of the Mediterranean coast. The natural beauty found along the coastal areas and its geographical features are widely known. If we take into account that royal families often vacation in Mallorca, you will understand that it is a matter of truly impressive landscapes and top-notch service. First of all, attention is drawn to the famous crystal sea, which in its turquoise blue shades is truly one of the cleanest in the world!

If you have not yet chosen a resort for your next vacation, we have tried to bring you closer to Cala llombards Mallorca, which, along with other bays in the southeastern region, is of unreal beauty. Book your vacation for the next season and indulge in the charms of the crystal white sand seen on the most beautiful travel shows.


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