The most picturesque towns in Mallorca


One of the most popular destinations for a quality and luxurious vacation is the island of Mallorca, the largest Balearic island in the beautiful Mediterranean. Apart from the impressive beaches for which it is famous, the characteristic villages and towns in Mallorca offer an exceptional opportunity to experience the spirit of the Mediterranean and the beauty of life on this island.

If you find yourself in Mallorca, you can experience a pleasant atmosphere and enjoy delicious local specialties in authentic small towns in Mallorca, which are also enriched with distinctive stone architecture and magnificent buildings. Cities such as Palma de Mallorca, the capital, offer an ideal opportunity for nightlife and cultural experiences.

Mallorca is depicted by a rich historical heritage and cultural life that includes an exciting art and music scene, so you can feel the bohemian atmosphere in many places on the island.


Why Visit and Stay in Towns of Mallorca

Mallorca is one of those places that offers you everything you need for a pleasant stay. Long sandy beaches stretch along impressive coastlines and turquoise seas, which is a highly picturesque sight. The coastal towns in Mallorca significantly add charm with their island architecture, harbors, and coves.

Each city is characterized by unique features that attract numerous tourists, many of whom return every summer season, and some decide that one of the cities will be the location of their vacation home. From rustic and lovely to luxurious and impressive villas, in towns in Mallorca, you can see the island’s fascinating architecture, and many of the towns are close to famous beaches.

The water is warm and ideal for swimming and diving, and in almost all coastal resorts, where you can try many exciting water sports and climb along the cliffs in those parts of the coast characterized by stones and rocks.

When it comes to the weather, it is sunny and warm almost all year round and is suitable for vacations even in the off-season. The wind is also ideal for surfing and luxurious enjoyment on a yacht in many parts of the coast.

Furthermore, the island is rich of numerous quality golf courses not far from the cities, as well as top restaurants, bars, and hotels where you will receive first-class service, treatment, and experience. All these, and much more, are reasons for visiting and staying in Mallorca.


Beautiful Magaluf beach - Mallorca Gold



The Popular and Modern Town of Magaluf

One of the favorite towns in Mallorca is the popular coastal resort, Magaluf, which is only a 15-minute drive from the capital city of Palma de Mallorca and about a 20-minute drive from the airport.

Magaluf is located in the southwest of Mallorca in the municipality of Calvià and near Palma Nova and is known for its exciting nightlife and lively atmosphere. It is trendy among British tourists who consider it the center of fun and good partying in Mallorca.

Of course, Magaluf offers much more than nightlife:

  • Beautiful beaches
  • Top coastal hotels
  • Restaurants, bars, cafes, nightclubs
  • Various attractions and exciting activities
  • A large shopping center
  • Festivals and cultural events

Besides tourist tours and holidays in the summer, Magaluf is the ideal place in Mallorca to live, whether you want a Mediterranean villa in one of the quieter parts of the city, a spacious studio, or a luxury apartment overlooking the sea. During the season, you can feel the authentic summer vibe, and in the winter months, Magaluf is a tranquil and pleasant town.


A wide range of stylish hotels

This popular resort offers a large range of modern hotels, which will appeal to music and nightlife lovers, as well as those who want to spend the night right at the beach or special complexes with swimming pools and a lot of different fun activities.

Popular hotels in Magaluf are:

  • Melia South Beach
  • INNSIDE by Melia Calvia Beach
  • Room Mate Olivia
  • Salt Wave House
  • Sol House The Studio
  • Guadalupe salt


Major attractions

Like other towns in Mallorca, Magaluf offers visitors and locals many attractions. Among them are:

  • Pirates show
  • Aqualand
  • House of Kathmandu
  • The Western Water Park
  • Karting Magaluf
  • BH Magaluf


Numerous beach clubs

One of the most popular beaches in Magaluf is Nikki Beach, and in addition, you can find many beach clubs in this town. In them, you can have a great time, relax in the pool, or enjoy delicious food and fantastic cocktails, depending on your preferences.

Famous beach clubs in Magaluf are:

  • Folies Beach Club: offers delicious Asian cuisine and unique VIP service
  • Zhero Boathouse Beach Club: offers excellent Mediterranean food, premium drinks, and a swimming pool


The Momentum Plaza mall

Many towns in Mallorca will delight you with their range of shops, whether luxury shopping for designer clothes or small arts and crafts and souvenir shops.

In Magaluf, you can go shopping in the Momentum Plaza shopping center, located in the very center of the city. It is part of the Calvià Beach project, which further contributes to this resort’s tourism development. You can find these:

  • Popular luxury clothing stores, as well as Mallorcan brands
  • Restaurants and fun activities
  • Calvià Beach The Plaza Hotel
  • Over 200 parking spaces for visitors


The sunset in Campos beach - Mallorca Gold


The Typical Mallorquin Rural Town of Campos

A special charm and typical island beauty distinguish rural towns in Mallorca. One such town is Campos, located in the southeast of the island and near which are some of the most visited and most beautiful beaches of Mallorca, among which is the biggest attraction of the city, Es Trenz beach.

Campos is about 8 km from the coast, and there are some stunning rural hotels and holiday villas in the area.


What is it famous for?

Campos is famous for its winding streets that exude a Mediterranean spirit, as well as for its architecture of traditionally built buildings and golden stone from the island.

The most famous associations with the city of Campos are:

  • Production of Piris cheese
  • Lovely bakeries and restaurants with traditional local specialties
  • Many festivals, fairs, and fiestas throughout the year
  • Market twice a week


The rich history

Towns in Mallorca are known for their rich history and culture, and so is the town of Campos. King Jaume II founded this town around 1300. It has numerous important buildings, such as the Church of Sant Julia and the Museum of Sister Mary Rafela. Today, the town is also popular for its dairy industry, as well as the many windmills nearby.


Cala llombards Santanyi beach - Mallorca Gold


The Pretty and Authentical Town of Santanyí

Another of the authentic towns in Mallorca is Santanyí, popular for its beauty and rural island architecture.

A municipality and town

Santanyí is both a city and a municipality located in the southeast of the island of Mallorca. This rural resort is situated in the island’s interior, occupying more than 48 km of the coastline. It is located next to one of the natural parks, the second largest in the Balearic Islands, and is surrounded by impressive landscapes.

Its main feature is the buildings made of beautiful golden stone. Santanyí also has a calmer atmosphere during the summer season.

Best time to go

In the town of Santanyí, visitors can enjoy many activities, especially on weekends. It is possible to buy local food and other goods on Saturdays at the market. You can set aside a week for a luxury boat trip, where you can visit Cabrera Natural Park, which is characterized by rare species of plants. You can also enjoy diving and swimming.

If you are a fan of quality wine, book a visit to the Son Alegre wine cellar for a first-class wine tasting.

Many workshops and galleries

In the town of Santanyi, you can also visit authentic art galleries and workshops. The city’s side streets are ideal for walking, and you can also find numerous interesting souvenirs, decorations, or artistic paintings. The most beautiful galleries are Galeria Sailer and Casa de Arte.

Beautiful coastal paths

Towns in Mallorca are characterized by pleasant walking paths, whether through the side streets of the towns or along the magnificent coast. In addition to city tours, Santanyí also offers a network of coastal walking trails. A particular recommendation is a visit to the natural resort called Mondragó.

In the immediate vicinity you can enjoy walks to some of the beautiful places:

  • Ses Salines Lighthouse
  • Colonia Sant Jordi
  • Val d’Or golf course



The Picturesque Port Town of Cala Figuera


The Picturesque Port Town of Cala Figuera

The town of Cala Figuera is a small port and district within Santanyi, distinguished by its picturesque landscape.

From high cliffs to the fishing harbour

Like other towns in Mallorca, Cala Figuera is characterized by its island beauty and is located on the southeast coast. It extends all the way from the cliffs in the south to the end of the bay where the fishing port is located.

Here are some of the most beautiful traditional buildings on the island, but also numerous luxury villas and studios with fantastic views of the harbor and sailboats.

Untouched by mass tourism

It is known that many towns in Mallorca flourish, especially in the summer season, and have turned to mass tourism since the 1970s, but this is not the case when it comes to the town of Cala Figuera. Here you can enjoy the preserved picturesque port, which is one of the most beautiful on the whole island.

Cala Figuera does not have easily accessible beaches open to tourists, and it does not have an own beach, but there are some of the most beautiful beaches nearby that you can reach by bus. Some of them are:

  • Cala Santanyi
  • Cala Llombard

Cala Figuera offers restaurants and bars overlooking the yachts and harbor where you can relax for a romantic dinner, luxurious specialties, and lovely promenades along the coast.


The Small Coastal Town of Sa Rapita

Sa Rapita is one of the towns in Mallorca located within the municipality of Campos, in the south of the island.

Situated near Mallorca’s best beaches

Many towns in Mallorca are located near beautiful beaches, and one of these towns is Sa Rapita. In this case, it is Es Trenz beach, one of the most popular natural beaches. It stretches along the coast between the towns of Ses Covetes and Colonia Sant Jordi.

Exceptional beauty of the coastline

The town of Sa Rapita offers its visitors many activities, as well as excellent locations for holiday villas. Sa Rapita is a favorite place of various travelers who want to enjoy the characteristic island architecture, and it is also popular because of the exceptional beauty of the coast.

A fairly quiet resort

Sa Rapita is a tranquil town that is an excellent resort if you want to explore the east and south of Mallorca. You can rest and completely relax in the sun or the water, and many water sports are available to you, such as diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, and more.


Yachts and harbor of port d'andratx - Mallorca Gold


The Truly Authentic Town of Andratx

Andratx is another of the rural towns in Mallorca characterized by authentic architecture and wonderful narrow streets.


In the valleys of Tramuntana

The city of Andratx is located southwest of the island, in the valley of the Tramuntana mountains. The inland location is the result of strategic construction as a defense against the Barbary Pirates.

Until the 20th century, this town was a peaceful rural settlement, so even today, you can see preserved traditional buildings, shops selling local goods, and luxury boutiques. What the city is famous for is the production of grapes, almonds, olives, and oranges.

A tightly packed town-centre

Andratx city center offers numerous cafes and restaurants where you can relax, as well as many art galleries for culture and art lovers. One of the galleries is the famous CCA Andratx Cultural Center, where you can see:

  • Several exhibition facilities
  • Contemporary island art
  • Gift and souvenir shop
  • Cafe


A beautiful aerial view of Sóller - Mallorca Gold


An Old Traditional Town of Sóller

Sóller is one of the towns in Mallorca characterized by island authenticity and many modernist properties and is known for its citrus cultivation.

The history of the town

Sóller is located in the valley of oranges, northwest of the island of Mallorca, and this area is often called the valley of gold. It became popular precisely for the production of oranges, and in the 19th century, they were shipped to France. Part of the local population moved to France for work, and later when they returned, they built many impressive estates that are today one of the features of the city.

Major attractions

The main attractions you can see in the city of Sóller are:

  • Plaza de la Constitución: the main square with many bars and cafes
  • Tram between the town and the port
  • Church of Sant Bartomeu
  • Can Prunera, a famous Art Nouveau building where exhibitions are held
  • Balearic Museum of Natural Sciences
  • Jardí Botànic


The famous tram between the city of Soller and its port - Mallorca Gold


Many events

A rich cultural life throughout the year characterizes Sóller. The patron saint of the city is Saint Bartholomew, and the holiday in his honor transforms this city into a colorful and lively place. The celebration lasts five days, and you can visit numerous concerts, exhibitions, and sports events. Live music until the early morning hours is characteristic of the last day of the celebration.

Some other events that are characteristic of the city of Sóller are:

  • Moros and Cristianos
  • La Feria y el Firó
  • Orange Festival


Things to do

Towns in Mallorca are characterized by offering a variety of activities that you will enjoy. In the town of Sóller, you can find everything you need and discover many local products and traditional island handicrafts at the Saturday market. You can buy designer clothes and various unique art objects at 13 Couture.

If you are into cycling or hiking, Sóller also offers good options for enjoyment along the Serra de Tramuntana.


Whether you want to enjoy the beach and the sea, a night out, or an art gallery, towns in Mallorca can provide everything you need for the ultimate idyllic holiday. The coast’s impressive natural beauty, combining traditional and rural architecture with modern and luxurious facilities, is the perfect location for your vacation or weekend.


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