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Mallorca island is one of those that offers you incredible beaches of sparkling sand, a beautiful azure sea and a magical landscape of Mediterranean vegetation – a real paradise for lovers of enjoying the sand, pleasant sea water and waves. This Mediterranean paradise offers you a wide range of activities to do, which will bring you an unforgettable experience. Surfing Mallorca is exactly one of those activities, if you are a fan of surfboards and adventures on good waves.

Numerous wild beaches around the island of Mallorca can boast of shiny white sand, excellent places for sunbathing, but also extremely fine waves where you can experience a real exciting adventure surfing Mallorca! We will try to make an overview of the characteristics of surfing on this divine Balearic island as well as the best beaches of Mallorca for surfers, in order to bring you this great experience of Mallorcan waves, sea water and sun.


Ride waves and surf in Mallorca

If you find yourself on the island of Mallorca, you will surely be completely enchanted by the natural beauty of its coasts, the total length of which is as much as 555 km. Whichever point on the coast of Mallorca you choose, you are guaranteed a unique enjoyment of the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean. The increasingly popular surfing Mallorca offers you an exclusive experience of waves in the waters of one of the most popular tourist destinations for vacations and quality adventure.

The coast of Mallorca is adorned with three large areas with islands that offer ideal spots for surfing Mallorca. Mallorca is recognizable by the sea breezes important in the world of surfing, which are the result of the difference between the temperature of the land and the Mediterranean Sea.

Best of all, good waves are available to you all year round, which can especially please avid surfers. Of course, you need to check the wind condition and the weather forecast beforehand, because the time of day, weather conditions and sea currents are very important for a good surf.

 Unforgettable vacations on the coast of Majorca

Surfing Mallorca is characterized by the proximity of surfing gems along the entire coast of the island, which is made possible by the small distance between them due to the size of the island of Mallorca. You can get from one favorite surf location to another very easily and quickly with your car.

Whether you decide to surf in the popular beaches of Palma Bay, Alcúdia Bay or in any part of the coast you want to explore, a great wave experience is guaranteed. A Mediterranean vacation is an ideal opportunity to enjoy luxury hotels, prestigious restaurants, villas, shops, as well as numerous water activities.

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing on the coast of Mallorca - Mallorca Gold


 Windsurfing and Kitesurfing on the coast of Mallorca

If your trip to the magnificent island of Mallorca lacks a little extra adventure in the form of some fun water activity that awakens adrenaline, and you are also a fan of waves and the sea, be sure to try these two water sports: windsurfing and kitesurfing, which will provide you with unforgettable surfing Mallorca.

If the surfers who spend time on the shores of this island are to be believed, there is always wind of different direction and intensity, so these activities are ideal even for areas and days when there are no waves. Characteristic winds of Mallorca are:

  • Tramantora (Mallorca’s name for the Mistral)
  • Levant
  • Embat
  • Poniente

You can see for yourself the constant favorable wind for catching waves by coming to one of the fantastic Mallorca beaches where you can experience numerous exciting sea adventures.


One of the incredible opportunities to enjoy the great Mallorcan waves and surfing Mallorca is the so-called windsurfing, which belongs to water sports in the wind. This great water adventure is actually a combination of sailing and surfing. All that matters is that you check and manage the wind to change the direction of the board.

Mallorca offers many windsurfing locations and the choice of beach is up to you and depends on your skills and experience.

Recommended for windsurfing beginners are the beaches on the southeast coast of Mallorca:

  • Portocolom
  • Cala D’Or

The following windsurfing locations are recommended for experienced surfers:

  • Bay of Palma
  • Alcúdia Bay
  • Ca’n Pastilla
  • Es Trenc

 Kitesurfing – surfing with a kite

This name denotes a unique activity on a modified surfboard, which is considered a water sport. Kitesurfing (kiteboarding) is a windsurfing activity, and wind control is done with the help of a specially designed kite that you have to hold firmly in your hands while on the surfboard.

The Bay of Pollença in the north of the island of Mallorca is the only official place where you can try kitesurfing, apart from the usual surfing Mallorca. You can experience the truly amazing sight of colorful kites on the coast of Mallorca at any time of the year. The prevailing wind here is the Mistral, and the Serra de Tramuntana mountains that surround the bay are responsible for the thermal winds.

What Bay of Pollença offers you in terms of kiteboarding activities is the following:

  • Kitesurfing equipment rental
  • Schools where you can learn kitesurfing

Apart from this bay, there are other unofficial places in the bays of Mallorca where kite surfers also gather, while in the areas of popular beaches this activity is prohibited during the peak tourist season.

More marine adventures when you travel in Mallorca

We have mentioned two fantastic activities that we highly recommend that you try at the first opportunity on the island of Mallorca. Apart from them and surfing Mallorca, there are other activities that can also surprise you with their beauty if you choose the island of Mallorca for your sea adventures and experiences. Some of them are:

  • Kayaking
  • Diving
  • Sailing
  • Stand Up Paddling (Paddle Boarding)
  • Snorkelling (diving with complete professional equipment)
  • Canoyning
  • Fishing
  • Jet skiing
  • Boat and catamaran trips
  • Water sports
  • And, of course, swimming and sunbathing!

Palma for surfing in Mallorca - Mallorca Gold


 Best beaches for surfing in Mallorca

Mallorca’s beaches have been gaining popularity in recent years. The incredible beauty of the landscape around you, ideal water, good waves and favorable winds – this is everything a surfer could wish for from a sea adventure.

Mallorca’s beaches are characterized by having good waves throughout the year, even the most popular seasons for surfing training are precisely winter and autumn, due to the most suitable waves per day in a row. This period of the year is the best if you want to learn surfing Mallorca.

If you are wondering where to surf when you are on the island of Mallorca, our little overview of the best beaches with some great surf spots for an amazing surfing Mallorca experience will help you.


 Surfing in the Bay of Palma

The bay of Palma stretches along the coast with the islands closest to Palma de Mallorca, the capital of this beautiful place. Surfing Mallorca in this region is the best option if you are already in Palma, whether you were planning to surf or you got the idea just after arriving on the island.

Best of all, there are always surfers on the shores of Palma Bay keeping a close eye on whether there is a good wind to catch a fantastic wave, which means you may also have the chance to meet other passionate surfers and wave lovers, and surf in great company.

Ciudad Jardín

Palma bay is enriched with an extremely famous and popular place in the world of surfing, which is especially interesting for fans of big waves.

Ciudad Jardín beach boasts excellent waves for surfing Mallorca that are ideally long, high and a must for experienced surfers. Mallorca’s biggest wave is formed as a result of the built sea promenade and breakwater at that location.

Ca’n Pastilla

The close proximity to the popular city of Palma is not the only thing that distinguishes Ca’n Pastilla beach in the bay of Palma. The waves are characterized by the fact that they are slow and on them you can completely indulge in easy riding, without much effort and the opportunity to get into danger. This means that surfing this part of the coast is ideal for absolute beginners and learning how to maintain the board and manage the waves.

Ca’n Pastilla beach also has a large offer of facilities that can complete your holiday by staying in them:

  • Accommodation in luxury Mediterranean hotels in the immediate vicinity
  • Great bars where you can take a break
  • Surf schools and courses with experienced and professional surfers

At the excellent El Niño Surf Center and the great Bonaona Surf School and Surf Cafe Bar, you can rent equipment including a surf suit, board and sail for 1 hour.

Among the exciting activities, apart from surfing Mallorca, you can also try these activities on this beach:

  • Longboarding: a form of skateboarding characterized by a long board
  • Paddle surfing: upright surfing with the help of a surf paddle
  • Kitesurfing: surfing while holding a specially designed kite and controlling the wind

 The Bay of Alcúdia and its beaches

One of the best areas to experience spectacular surfing Mallorca is the incredible north coast of the island of Mallorca. Right here is Alcúdia Bay, which boasts some of the island’s most popular beaches and surf spots, perfect for riding phenomenal waves.

There are some great hotels near Puerto de Alcúdia if you need accommodation during a break from surfing Alcúdia Bay:

  • Alcúdia Garden Aparthotel
  • Sunwing Alcúdia Beach
  • allsun Hotel Orquidea Playa & Spa
  • Zafiro Palace Alcúdia
  • Sofia Alcúdia Beach
  • Zafiro Bahía
  • Zafiro Tropic

Playa de Muro and Playa de Alcúdia

These two Mallorcan beaches in the north boast crystal clear waters and great waves for all those who are beginners or want to indulge in a relaxed ride on the waves.

If you decide to experience surfing Mallorca here, it is important to know that the characteristic of the northern waves is that they are not always the most suitable, but they are the best choice for beginners because there are calm currents. The seabed does not descend suddenly, but gradually, which is perfect for safe and relaxing surfing.

Everything a surfer needs can be found here, including:

  • Professionally equipped surf shops
  • Excellent surf schools where you can rent surf equipment
  • Individual and group lessons and surfing lessons

Son Serra de Marina

The north of Mallorca offers another great option for surfing Mallorca, the Son Serra de Marina beach with a coastline of 7 kilometers long, and which is adorned with immaculate and untouched beaches. One of the favorite surfing locations in this region is El Bunker, which is the main meeting point for fans of surfing and wave exploration adventures.

The best surf spots on the coast of Son Serra de Marin include the following places:

  • Berberechos
  • Parada del Bus
  • Dos Playas
  • Compuerta

 Selection of beaches on the east coast of Mallorca

The east coast of Mallorca offers ideal surf spots for surfing Mallorca. For all those who love the sight of turquoise water and the magical landscape of the island’s greenery all around them, the great waves will surely complete a Mallorca trip or holiday if you are a fan of a surfboard.

Canyamel Beach

Canyamel beach is considered one of the most beautiful places for surfing, which is extremely easy to reach. The beauty of this place in terms of surfing Mallorca is especially highlighted in the period of spring and autumn, when this part of eastern Mallorca offers you stunning waves.

What is characteristic of Canyamel beach is that there are many courses in surf schools that may be interesting for you, which are held in the spring period.

Cala Mesquida Beach

To get to Cala Mesquida beach, one of Mallorca’s favorite surfing spots, you need to go along the coast to the Levante region, where you will find a wonderful surf spot surrounded by idyllic landscapes.

Cala Mesquida beach is part of the Levante de Mallorca Natural Park, and throughout the year it has suitable waves for your surfing experiences, and considering the fact that in this area the currents are sometimes extremely strong, it is the perfect option for experienced and professional surfers who like high and challenging waves.

 More fantastic Mallorcan surf beaches

The tourists and locals of Majorca are certainly delighted with the picturesque landscape of the Mediterranean and its rich vegetation and animal life. Of course, an island as beautiful as Mallorca can delight you with other excellent Mallorca surfing beaches.

It is not possible to describe on this occasion all the great beaches and their surf pearls, of which there are over 40, but we will list some of them if you want to try different options:

  • Cala Torta
  • Colònia de Sant Pere
  • Cala Mitjana
  • Es Barcarés beach
  • Cala Ratjada

Surfer on a blue wave - Mallorca Gold


 Tips for surfing in Mallorca

The main advice we have when it comes to surfing Mallorca is: prepare your surfboard, a good mood and a desire for adventure, and go in search of the best Mallorca wave!

Surfing is magic that takes place on the water, as every wave lover knows very well. The truly diverse range of Mallorca’s surfable beaches offers an ideal opportunity for any surfer or would-be surfer to test their level of skill and coordination when riding the waves. You might even discover your surfing talent while surfing Mallorca on one of the island’s divine beaches!

Every real surfer knows the importance of being able to buy and rent surf equipment in the immediate vicinity of the surfing location. In the case of the island of Mallorca, this is not a problem at all, as there are numerous professional shops that are specially made for the needs of surfers.

The recommendation for professional surfers is definitely to bring a personal surfboard, as the option of renting and using a professional surfboard is limited in some areas.

In addition, equipment can be rented from one of the surf schools, which can offer you quality lessons and training if you are a beginner or want to improve your skills, whether surfing is a way of life or a hobby you want to try.

 The perfect sea adventure in the Mediterranean

A number of luxury hotels located near all the surf spots of the Mallorca island offer superior service, and a great value for money. After a good surf, you have the opportunity to try the fantastic food offered by local Mallorcan specialties, as well as international dishes, in one of the prestigious restaurants.

Many historical points and landmarks, as well as untouched hidden places of natural beauty are also located along the coast of Mallorca, so we recommend that you complete your surfing Mallorca experience with a detailed tour of this part of the Mediterranean coast.


Surfing Mallorca offers you everything you need for an absolute wave experience. The beautiful beaches and coastlines offer some really great surf spots that will definitely give you great pleasure during your luxury stay in Mallorca.

All this makes surfing Mallorca the absolute dream of a serious and skilled surfer, as well as anyone who wants to try this exciting sport of riding the waves. See for yourself why the island of Mallorca is one of the favorite destinations for a quality vacation filled with first-class hospitality and incredible natural beauty that remains in the memory.


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