Nudism in Mallorca: discover the best nude beaches


Mallorca is an island known for its impressive beaches that attract tourists from all over the world every year. Among these beaches are nude beaches in Mallorca. A large part of the tourists who choose this island for their vacation has as their main reason the desire to relax as much as possible and take a break from routine and everyday life. Hidden coves and bays, as well as nudist beaches, can be ideal options for that.

When it comes to nude beaches in Mallorca, they have been gaining more and more popularity in recent years. Nudist bathing is allowed on the island, so you can relax and enjoy the many options available to you.

If you want to explore the island of Mallorca on one of the nudist beaches, alone or in a group, you will find out which are the best among them in the following text. Nude beaches in Mallorca will suit everyone’s taste as they offer a series of beautiful spots along the coast that will definitely inspire you to enjoy nudism.


Important aspects of nudism in Mallorca

Nude beaches in Mallorca offer you the perfect opportunity to enjoy moments of nature and beauty all around you. Nudism on such a beautiful island is definitely worth mentioning. In addition, there are certain aspects that you can take into account when it comes to nudism in Mallorca.

Some of the positive aspects offered by beaches in Mallorca that you should know are the following:

  • The temperature in Mallorca is higher than 20 º C for more than half of the year, so the weather is ideal for nudism.
  • Tourists and locals have no problem with nudism.
  • There are also special holiday homes that offer the opportunity to practice nudism.
  • Numerous beaches are surrounded by nature on over 550 km of coastline.
  • The island has many beaches where you can practice nudism: El Mago, Sa Canova, Es Trenz…
  • There is also a popular nudist hotel in Mallorca if you would like to visit it.
  • Many political parties have submitted petitions to allow the practice of nudism.
  • And finally, Spanish laws recognize the right to nudism.


Is nudism legal in Spain?

To the question – is nudism legal in Spain? – we have already given you a partial answer. In 1989, the ban on nudism on the beaches ended, and since then, the nudist movement has begun to develop on the island. It is completely allowed and legal to walk naked on the beach; this right is also found in Spanish law. Therefore, it is entirely permissible to practice nudism on the beaches of Mallorca.

In any case, if you are looking for the best nude beaches in Mallorca, it is recommended that you still take care not to be naked outside the beach area. The beaches are the only places on the island where you can be naked when it comes to public places. Care must be taken to respect others, as there are only a couple of fully nudist beaches. On the beaches, there are mostly those who practice nudism and those who wear bathing suits. If you want to be completely relaxed when it comes to nudism, we recommend that you look for remote and hidden places on the beaches, and there are many of them.

There are also some exciting events where people are completely naked, such as the Pamplona Running of the Nudes. This event is a once-a-year protest against bull racing.


Nudism on nude beaches in Mallorca is completely legal - Mallorca Gold


Nudism on the Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands are known for their beauty, and what is also characteristic of them is that you can practice nudism on all of them. Mallorca, Menorca, and Ibiza are excellent destinations for nudists, and Formentera is particularly attractive to nudists from all over the world precisely because life on the island itself is pretty relaxed.

In 2019, the Balearic Parliament adopted an item in the law on the practice of nudism, which also concerns nudism on nude beaches in Mallorca. This proposal consists in the fact that naturism, together with nudism, is a tradition that should be respected. At the basis of this change in the law are issues of freedom, equality, respect for people, tolerance, and respect for the natural environment. Naturism and nudism are often used to refer to the same practices, although there are some differences. Nudism refers more to the desire to enjoy nature, the sea, and the sun completely naked, while naturism has a unique idea at the base. That idea concerns respecting nature and connecting with it, so such a magnificent island is ideal for exactly these practices.

When you find yourself on one of the beaches in Mallorca, and among other things in the other Balearic Islands, you will come across signs that say that the practice of naturism is accepted. On beaches where there is already a tradition of nudism, the text on the sign is slightly different and calls for the practice and respect of nudism in that place.


Why is Mallorca great for nudism?

Nude beaches in Mallorca are a paradise for nudists and naturists for several reasons. Apart from the fact that the island offers more than 160 beautiful beaches, on many of them, you can completely relax in the practice of nudism because the Spanish constitution also adopts nudism. If you want a specially equipped apartment or a hotel in a nudist style, you can also find a nudist apartment complex on Mallorca. In addition, there are also special cottages that are explicitly intended for naturists and nudists who find themselves in Mallorca.

The local population has accepted nudism well, and this right is also being defended from a political point of view. Pleasant weather for most of the year is another advantage when it comes to Mallorca and practicing nudism on this island.


There are many amazing nude beaches in Mallorca - Mallorca Gold


The best nudist beaches in Mallorca

The range of nude beaches in Mallorca can give you a great variety of nudism experiences on this island. Certain areas of Mallorca offer you nudist beaches that are very busy and full of tourists, such as:

  • Es Peregons Grans beach, located next to the famous Es Trenz beach
  • Playa del Mago in Portals Wells
  • Cala Mesquida in the Arta area

Of course, the list of nudist beaches in Mallorca is much more extensive, and we will bring you closer to some of the best on the island in the following text. Whichever beach you choose to practice nudism and naturism, one thing is sure – you will enjoy it.


Cala Tuent

The first on the list of the best nude beaches in Mallorca is Escorca Cala Tuent, located in the immediate vicinity of the town of Soller, just an hour’s drive away. It is situated in the municipality of Escorca. This beach, which allows the practice of nudism, is characterized by a peaceful atmosphere, and during the season, it can be full of tourists. What makes this beach special is that it is the largest natural beach in the Sierra de Tramuntana area. Also, bring your water shoes, as the ground is a mixture of gravel and sand.

This beach is characterized by the following amenities:

  • Restaurant nearby
  • Parking available
  • Magnificent view of the top of Puig Major (1,445 m)

The bay is about 100 m long and about 30 m wide. The beach can be reached by car, bicycle, foot or boat, and also by ferry from Port de Soller. This ferry is especially popular with avid hikers.


Es Coll Baix

Another one of the nude beaches in Mallorca is Es Coll Baix beach, which is only 8 km from Alcudia. This beach is quite remote and not easily accessible, so it is a real hidden gem that attracts nudists and naturists who find themselves in Mallorca.

The beach is 220 m long and 50 m wide. On the coast, you can find a mixture of small pebbles and pleasant sand, and there is an impressive landscape around you. If there is not much wind, you can dive in the clear, turquoise water. There are no facilities in parts of Es Coll Baix, so they are ideal for practicing nudism. To get to the beach itself, after reaching the end of the driveway, there is a walk of about 30 minutes, for which you will need comfortable shoes.


Cala Murta

Another of the beautiful nude beaches in Mallorca is Cala Murta, with its untouched nature and picturesque surroundings. Only 15 km from the beach is Puerto Pollença, and the beach itself is located at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains. This sea bay is characterized by crystal water, a mixture of sand and gravel, and cliffs and pine trees surrounding it.

Cala Murta is especially worth mentioning precisely because there are rarely large crowds on its coast, which is about 80 m long and about 25 m wide. The wild and peaceful beach without facilities means that you have all the privacy you need, and you can fully enjoy nudism in this part of Mallorca. The beach can be reached on foot or by boat. If you come by car, you need to walk from the Cala Murta sign through the pine forest. This walk does not take long and is about 1.5 km long.


Playa Es Carbo

Playa Es Carbo is remarkable because it is extremely clean and natural, without facilities and large crowds. This is everything nudists need to enjoy themselves, and this beautiful stretch of sand in the south of the island offers just that. The water is turquoise, and the coast is decorated with white sand. Yachts can be moored in the bay.

The bay itself is 1400 m long and 50 m wide, and the areas that are isolated are an excellent opportunity for practicing nudism. The beach can only be reached on foot, and it is about a 30-minute walk from Colonia St Jordi. If you are coming to this beach by car, you can park in Ses Salines, but you will have to walk a long way.


Platja d'es Trenc is one of the best nude beaches in Mallorca - Mallorca Gold



Platja d’es Trenc

One of the most famous nude beaches in Mallorca that attracts nudists is Platja d’es Trenc, which has long been hidden from many people. Over time, this untouched area became more popular among tourists due to the extraordinary beauty of the coast and turquoise water. Despite the occasional crowd on the beach, tourists and nudists can find a place to sunbathe, bearing in mind that the beach is as long as 3 km.


Cala Varques

The next on the list of nude beaches in Mallorca is located in an isolated bay, so it is ideal for complete relaxation for nudists and naturists. Cala Varques offers you great privacy due to its location, so you can fully indulge in enjoying the sea and the sun if you are a passionate nudist.

If you are coming to this nudist beach by car, please note that the access for vehicles ends before you reach this bay. You will need to walk about 2 km to reach Cala Varques, but this beach is definitely worth the walk.


Cala Molto

Some of the nude beaches in Mallorca are popular among those who practice naturism and nudism due to the nature of their coast, which is generally not sandy. For this reason, Cala Moltó beach, thanks to its rocky soil with only a small percentage of sand, attracts a smaller number of tourists, which makes it ideal for nudism.

This beach is also known as Cala Es Guyó and is located just a few meters north of Cala Agull. The beach is considered one of the best natural places where you can relax as a nudist. During the season, you can also see boats in the bay, but nudists will definitely find their perfect spot to enjoy this beach.


Es Caragol

The southeast hides another of the nude beaches in Mallorca, Es Caragol, which is often very secluded and uncrowded. This beach is the most southerly of the whole island, and it is not far enough from numerous resorts to be an ideal place for nudists. However, it is precisely this seclusion and the lack of crowds that make it an excellent place for nudists to find their place to enjoy themselves. This is also possible thanks to the length of the beach, which is about 1 km. It is recommended to pack your own food, as there are no restaurants on the beach, so it is good to keep that in mind.


Nude beaches in Mallorca give you many benefits - Mallorca Gold


Benefits of going to Mallorca’s nude beaches

Nude beaches in Mallorca, as well as nudism on this island, offer you certain benefits:

  • Connecting and interacting with nature
  • Accepting your body
  • Self-confidence and self-confidence
  • A break from the daily routine
  • A sense of equality between people

Practicing nudism, especially if idyllic scenes and landscapes complement it, can be one of the most unforgettable experiences. Nude beaches in Mallorca offer nudists the ideal opportunity to walk naked in nature and sunbathe in remote and hidden places, but also to enjoy a picnic completely naked or sail along the Mediterranean coast. There are also trips and excursions for avid nudists who can discover numerous pristine beaches along the island’s coast. Nude beaches in Mallorca are the perfect option to experience Mallorca most naturally and entirely and discover its natural beauty.


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