Northern Mallorca Attractions


Mallorca is known for being one of the favorite holiday destinations among tourists around the world. The island region that stands out for its beauty and uniqueness is northern Mallorca. This special area on the island offers a unique experience of true island beauty, complemented by the tremendous historical significance and rich culture.

Two large and popular bays, Pollensa and Alcúdia, hide numerous places where you can enjoy magnificent views of the Mediterranean. Among them is Cap Formentor, the northernmost point of the island and one of the most popular for tourists, and Can Picafort, a popular place for family holidays.

Compared to other famous places on the island, the northern coast of Mallorca is rich in untouched natural beauty, mainly due to the Serra de Tramuntana mountain, which also provides the region with a specific climate. All this is part of the reason why northern Mallorca is special.

The historical significance of North Mallorca

Whether it’s one of the towns with a pleasant atmosphere and excellent service from the locals or an idyllic harbor where you can take a break from sailing, northern Mallorca is the right place to experience the island’s rich history and culture.

Apart from the historical, it is also important to mention the cultural importance of the region, where we can single out the city of Pollensa, which offers numerous art galleries, museums, and music festivals. Nearby is also Puerto Pollensa, with numerous restaurants and beach bars, where you can enjoy water sports.

Spectacular scenery

Northern Mallorca is often described as the heart of the island, and the reason for this is the impressive scenery along the entire coast. This part of Mallorca’s coast is characterized by true Mediterranean beauty, with numerous hidden spots and coves to explore.

For this reason, this region of Majorca is a favorite among many residents of the rest of the island, but also among tourists looking for an ideal spot to enjoy. Some of the attractions that make northern Mallorca the right place to create unforgettable memories are:

Numerous small coves

Long white sandy beaches

Picturesque harbors

Alcúdia Bay is ideal for sunbathing and swimming in the azure water and for numerous water sports, such as snorkeling and scuba diving. The rocky bottom and shoreline make the underwater landscapes magnificent, diverse, and worth exploring.

Gorgeous coastline

Beautiful landscapes have recognizable Mediterranean characteristics, and the extension of the Serra de Tramuntana mountains gives this region a special charm. This mountain additionally adorns the view of the sea waves with its silhouette. The lighthouse in the very north creates a striking sight and is one of the most famous points when it comes to northern Mallorca.

You can explore the impressive coast of the north of Mallorca by hiking, walking, sailing, or cycling through some of the excellent cycle paths.


Panorama of the landscape in the Tramuntana mountains in Mallorca - Mallorca Gold


Connection with Roman civilization

Tourism in northern Mallorca is primarily represented in the cities of Alcúdia and Pollensa, as well as in the ports of Port Alcúdia and Port Pollensa, near the old parts of the city.

Throughout history, the bay of Alcúdia has been the gateway to the island of Mallorca. In this place the Romans conquered Majorca in 123 BC, where they founded the first capital called “Pollentia”.

After the vandals destroyed the city, the Arabs raised it in the north direction and named it “Al-Qudya”, which means hill. The site where the remains of the city of Pollentia are located has been open to the public since recently, so you can visit this important archaeological site.

Pollensa and Alcúdia today

As we mentioned, Pollensa and Alcúdia are the centers of tourism in the northern region of Mallorca. Interestingly, you can still see old Roman buildings as remnants of architecture and history. Thus, northern Mallorca is rightfully the oldest part of the island, still preserving a portion of its history.

In the city of Pollensa, you can see numerous attractions that contribute to its charm:

  • Roman bridge
  • Monastery of Puig de Pollensa
  • Beautiful houses and villas
  • White stone paths
  • Rows of cypress trees

Best beaches on the northern coast of Mallorca

The island of Mallorca has around 300 beaches, each with its unique charms and reasons why it is worth visiting. Some of them are also located in northern Mallorca, rightfully among the island’s most beautiful beaches.

What makes the beaches in the north a favorite is that they have everything you need for an idyllic vacation filled with peace and enjoyment. Their standard features are:

  • Fully equipped in the form of beach equipment
  • Numerous hidden places and coves that you can explore while walking
  • The possibility for even the youngest to enjoy the beach, making it ideal for a family vacation


Playa de Alcúdia – Playa de Muro – C’an Picafort beach

Three beautiful beaches form a whole in northern Mallorca called Port d’Alcudia Beach. This large beach in the north of Mallorca is also the longest and is located in the famous Alcúdia Bay. An impressive sandy beach that stretches all the way to C’an Picafort.

What you will find on this beach characterized by light sand are:

  • Numerous restaurants and bars right on the beach where you can have a drink or enjoy a complete meal
  • Places for a night out and nightlife, such as the club Menta Disco
  • Lots of top-class hotels with modern design
  • Rental of beach equipment – umbrellas and sunbeds, but also plenty of space for sunbathing on a classic beach towel
  • Free parking, if you come to the beach by car

Attractions that you can visit near this beach are Cap de Formentor, the northernmost point of Mallorca, and the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Pollentia.

Water sports, which are popular in this region are:

  • water skis
  • water bikes
  • parasailing
  • jet skis

Playa de Muro is a section of this beach that is 3 km long, where you can find sunbeds for rent and excellent accommodation in nearby hotels and beach bars.

The speciality of the beach in the north of Mallorca is the view to the mountain.


Sant Pere at Mal Pas

A beach in northern Mallorca that is extremely popular with the locals is Sant Pere at Mal Pas. It is about 80 meters wide and about 100 meters long and is rarely crowded. What this beach offers you is a beautiful view of the Formentor peninsula, a lovely beach bar, and parking nearby.


Cala Mesquida and Cala Agulla

In the northeast of Mallorca, there are two beaches that are perfect for all those looking for quiet relaxation on the sand and in clear water, Cala Mesquida and Cala Agulla. If you need a store or a restaurant, you can visit the nearby towns of the same name, where you will find everything you need.


Cala San Vicente

Next on our list of beaches in northern Mallorca is Cala San Vicente, which is divided into four small beaches:

  • Cala Barques – the leading and largest beach
  • Cala Clara – smaller but often crowded beach in front of the hotel
  • Cala Molins – very popular with families with small children
  • Cala Carbo – the best choice for diving and snorkeling


Puerto Pollensa

This beach in the north of Mallorca is characterized by golden sand and magnificent mountain views. Here you can find everything you need to enjoy the beach – beach equipment rental, calm water, showers, toilets, as well as pedal boats. This is another of the sandy beaches on the north coast, which is a favorite for family vacations.

Apart from fine and soft sand, the beach of Puerto Pollensa is also decorated with pine forests. What this lovely beach offers its visitors are:

  • Picnic tables in the Llenaire area
  • Great restaurants
  • Superior accommodation
  • Sunbeds and umbrellas for rent
  • Water activities, such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, and paddling


Cliffs in Formentor, region in the north of the island of Mallorca - Mallorca Gold

Formentor Beach

You can have a unique experience in northern Mallorca on the small but beautiful Formentor beach. Here you can visit the world-famous five-star Formentor Hotel and enjoy its luxurious restaurant and delicious food. In addition, the natural beauty and incredible turquoise water will undoubtedly delight you. If you need parking, keep in mind that it costs around €8 for the whole day.


Coll Baix

If you want to relax on a remote beach, especially at the peak of the summer season, this is a perfect beach for you. Near this beach are the Bodega del Sol restaurant, the marina, and the old town of Alcúdia. You can enjoy a wonderful picnic and peace; the place is also great for snorkeling.

If you want to visit all the beaches in northern Mallorca, you need to set aside two or three days to see them all.

We will mention some more impressive beaches in the northern region of Mallorca and some of their features:

  • Platja de l’Alcanada – this beach offers opportunities for snorkeling, and there is also a golf course nearby
  • The beaches of Son Serra de Marina and Colonia de San Pedro – are some of the most beautiful natural regions of the island
  • Cala Boquer – another small beach where you can relax peacefully and dive in the clear, cold water
  •  Ca’n Picafort – a mandatory beach on the list because it offers all the necessary equipment and facilities for an ideal vacation and is extremely popular

What to explore in Northern Mallorca

Northern Mallorca is a unique area on the island due to its beauty, climate, and picturesque view of the sea and coast. What is certain is that everyone in this region can find exactly the ideal place for their dream vacation, whether it’s sunbathing, diving, exploring nature parks, or popular resorts in the area. Excellent accommodation with magnificent views is also one of the perks of the north of Mallorca.

Holiday houses for everyone

Superior accommodation in northern Mallorca is also possible in some of the luxury villas in the vicinity of large and popular resorts, especially in rural regions or traditional towns such as Selva. Of course, you can always opt for luxury accommodation in tourist spots such as Puerto Pollensa or Puerto Alcúdia.

Natural landscapes

Northern Mallorca hides more gems in the form of nature reserves. Close to Alcúdia and Ca’n Picafort is S’Albufera, a vast nature reserve with some of the Balearic Islands’ most important and largest wetlands. Their origin dates back to ancient times.

Also, here you can see numerous species of birds and enjoy a variety of nature trails.

There are some more but  smaller nature parks in the north of the island, such as the S’Illot area. These beautiful parks are also an excellent option for exploring the impressive views of the Mediterranean and discovering the beaches in the coves.

Famous locations worth visiting

There are a vast number of popular resorts in the north of Mallorca, each of them is unique and worth a visit.

Many attractive day-trips

One of the unique options for experiencing northern Mallorca is a day trip. You can rent a car for this kind of exciting adventure, and there are plenty of ideas for places to visit.



A beautiful village located in the west of Mallorca, only about 1-hour drive from Puerto Pollenso. Here you will find art galleries and top restaurants where you will be able to enjoy the nearby Cala Deia beach.



Of course, the capital is another must-see if you find yourself in Mallorca. Palma de Mallorca is only an hour away from Puerto Pollensa by bus and less than 1 hour by car. In Palma, you can complete your stay in northern Mallorca in a perfect way, which we highly recommend.



Nestled among the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, this pleasant town offers visitors bars, restaurants, and shops, as well as interesting architecture and a port nearby.


Port of Alcudia - Mallorca Gold


Popular resorts

If you are looking for an ideal resort to visit and you are in the area of ​​northern Mallorca, take a look at the following list of cities and their main attractions:

  • Alcúdia – the market is held here twice a week, and you can also visit the Roman ruins
  • Puerto de Alcúdia – here is the largest beach with fine sand in Mallorca
  • Pollensa – this resort is famous for its summer festivals, and popular places are Calvari, Puig de María, and Pont Roma.
  • Puerto de Pollensa – here you can find the best luxury restaurants
  • Puert de Soller – Far des Cap Gros lighthouse in this resort completes the experience of island beauty
  • Ca’n Picafort – a popular place with a beautiful marina and promenade
  • Sa Pobla – the famous festival that takes place in January is Sant Antoni, and you can enjoy many great bars and restaurants
  • Soller – a popular place for its historical importance and the church of Sant Bartomeu
  • Deia – a beautiful city with many luxury buildings and villas
  • Campanet – a town within the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains
  • Valldemossa – famous attractions here are the palace of King Sancho and the building of La Cartuja

In this brief overview, we have covered some of the most important and beautiful towns of northern Mallorca, and each of them includes a special charm, which is worth exploring.


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