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A stay on the island of Mallorca is characterized by the picturesque landscapes of the Mediterranean and a rich offer of luxurious and relaxing activities. The capital offers you exactly one such activity – nightlife in Palma de Mallorca. If you want to relax in a restaurant on the beach until late at night, or if you are more into an exciting party in one of the nightclubs, you will find the right place for you in Palma de Mallorca.

In Mallorca you can enjoy many bars and restaurants around the island, which offer fantastic drinks, specialties and service. For a more exciting experience of Mallorca, especially in the evening hours, it is recommended to visit one of the larger resorts or one of the popular cities. You can feel the real experience of a night out in the largest city, Palma, which offers quality places to spend time, as well as a lively social scene.

Nightlife in Palma de Mallorca, apart from restaurants and clubs, offers visitors to the city many opportunities to enjoy live music, interesting events, parties and festivals. Discover in this mini-guide a piece of the rich nightlife in Palma de Mallorca.


Best nightlife on Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is not only a city of unique beauty, but also a city of ultimate enjoyment. Whether you’re enjoying sunbathing on one of the glittering beaches during the day, sailing or visiting a nearby winery, we’re sure that the evening hours are also reserved for enjoyment. Options for experiencing nightlife in Palma de Mallorca are especially available in the summer when the city’s scene comes alive.

The diversity of the offer will delight you even if you have a specific request when it comes to a quality night out. The events that make up nightlife in Palma de Mallorca often start during the day, in the late afternoon, so that people can take time to relax with great food, drink and company. This also applies to the numerous festivals and events with live music, as well as the nightlife in clubs and beach bars.

Of course, Palma de Mallorca wouldn’t be considered one of the best places to have a good time without great night clubs. If you are a fan of a good night party and music, nightlife in Palma de Mallorca will justify all your expectations.


Nightclubs in Palma de Mallorca

Mallorca’s capital city hides many fantastic places to have a good night out and enjoy food and drink. We present you some of them.


View from the terrace of a nightclub in Mallorca - Mallorca Gold


La Lonja area

Nightlife in Palma de Mallorca comes to life in the popular La Lonja area, full of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. The narrow streets hide many hidden places for your enjoyment in this beautiful city. Some of them are:

  • Abaco cocktail bar: You will have a special experience of nightlife in Palma de Mallorca at the Abaco bar, which is located in a palace dating back to the 16th century. The originality of this club can be seen in the decoration in the form of marble statues, vintage furniture, flower and fruit decor. A must-see for lovers of classical music and a pleasant atmosphere.
  • The Blue Jazz club: During the summer season, it is necessary to reserve a place in this club, because it is extremely popular and full of visitors. In addition to excellent cocktails, this club offers live jazz music on Thursdays, Fridays and weekends, and don’t miss a special cabaret night. It is located on the seventh floor of the Saratoga Hotel at Passeig de Mallorca, 6, and offers a wonderful view of Palma Bay and Palma Marina.


Center of Palma

  • Bimil Lounge bar: Located in the very center, in Plaza Mercat, Bimil Lounge is a great starting point for your evening. What sets this contemporary bar apart is its attractive range of original Mallorcan/Asian-style snacks and cocktails. The relaxed atmosphere and pleasant surroundings of modern design are complemented by live music on Thursdays.
  • Nicolas bar: If you find yourself in the capital of Mallorca and are looking for the perfect cocktail, Nicolas bar is the place for you. Apart from different cocktails, this bar also serves a variety of tapas. Enjoyment is completed by hanging out on the terrace or having a pleasant conversation in the vintage interior of the bar.
  • Gibson Bar: At Plaza del Mercat, 18, there is another bar that completes the nightlife in Palma de Mallorca. It is a modernly decorated Gibson bar, which offers relaxation in the afternoon and evening with excellent cocktails and drinks, all year round.
  • La Vermuteria Rosa: Located at Carrer Rosa, 5, this bar is known for its traditional tapas and snacks, but also for its vermouth – a specially spiced white or red wine. Vermouth has already found its place in many tapas bars in Mallorca, and is becoming more and more popular as a pre-dinner drink.
  • Tast Club: In the center of Palma there is also an elegant Tast Club, a tapas bar reminiscent of a winery. This bistro bar serves fantastic food, evening snacks and cocktails.


Santa Catalina District

The lively nature of this district provides a variety of places to enjoy food, drink and music. The most interesting thing is that on weekends the bars open after lunch time, that is around 4.30 pm, which the locals call Tardeo.

The range of places for nightlife includes Irish pubs, luxury restaurants, rock and roll bars, some of them are:

  • Brooklyn Club: At Carrer de Dameto, 6, this bar offers great music with guest DJs.
  • Kaelum: On Avenida Argentina, this place has recognizable musical hits suitable for dancing all night long.
  • Hotel Hostal Cuba: The perfect place to enjoy cocktails with company on the terrace.


Paseo Maritimo area

Another location for great nightlife in Palma de Mallorca is the Paseo Maritimo area, which includes a variety of options depending on your needs.

  • Garitos bar: Near the Can Barbara marina, in the Garitos bar you can dance to the DJ, in a great atmosphere.
  • At Avinguda de Gabriel Roca, 18, there is the Palma Auditorium, a place where you can dance, enjoy comedy, music, and theater performances.


Arenal and Megapark on Palma beach

We have listed the bars and clubs in the center of the capital of Mallorca. If you want to visit a place that is only 10 km from Palma, and at the same time on the sea coast, we recommend Arenal. Arenal is a resort where the club Megapark is located, which is famous for Oktoberfest celebrations. Visitors have the opportunity to dance to the tunes typical of Oktoberfest, as well as try German food and drinks.


Port de Soller sunset in Mallorca - Mallorca Gold



Rooftop Bars

Palma offers numerous night bars to start your fantastic evening, from elegant outdoor cocktails to exciting adventures in local clubs.

Rooftop bars and terraces enrich the nightlife in Palma de Mallorca with a view of the wonderful landscapes of the Mediterranean, the picturesque streets of the Old Town and the sunsets. Whether you are looking for a luxurious or casual place that serves only quality drinks or delicious snacks to go with it – rooftop bars have something for everyone. We will mention some of the most famous ones.

Molta Bar

The center of the Old Town is always a good starting point for your enjoyment, and so is the Molta bar. Very popular with locals, this night bar offers:

  • premium drinks at great prices
  • delicious pintxos (traditional Spanish tapas-like snacks)
  • numerous exciting events throughout the year.

Sky Bar

Located in the Almudaina Hotel, the Sky Bar is the best spot to enjoy the afternoon sun and the night sky. If you want to have a view of the sea, the lower terrace is ideal for you, and if you are a fan of sports events, you can relax in the closed bar with comfortable furniture and a large TV screen.

CUIT Bar and Restaurant

One of the hidden places for nightlife in Palma de Mallorca is the Nakar Hotel, with its rooftop bar. The bar, which opens at 20:00 every evening, features the following:

  • luxurious outdoor swimming pool
  • view of the cathedral of the city of Palma
  • regular guest DJs
  • relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Es Baluard Restaurant and Lounge

This bar is a favorite place to enjoy the view of Bellver Castle in summer, especially during sunset. In Es Baluard, visitors can try top quality wines and numerous local specialties.

Sushi Bar Rooftop Terrace

Hotel Sant Francesc with its rooftop sushi bar is the ideal place for a sophisticated night out in the capital. You can enjoy fine cocktails, a swimming pool and a modern ambience.

Sala Trampa

Relaxation in Palma is also possible in the form of live music, stand-up comedy evenings, and theater works. All this is offered to visitors by Sala Trampa, along with delicious drinks and snacks.


Beautiful festival lighting in Mallorca - Mallorca Gold


Events and Festivals in Mallorca

If you want to experience the festival side of nightlife in Palma de Mallorca, you can visit some of the traditional and contemporary celebrations that take place throughout the year. This exciting time includes local cultural activities and festivities, concerts and live music in the open air.

Festes de Sant Sebastià (St. Sebastian’s Festival)

The patron saint of Palma de Mallorca is St. Sebastian, who is officially celebrated on January 20, and the celebration in his honor begins on January 12. This festival is decorated with musical events and a series of cultural manifestations, as well as street bonfires, and the characteristic food, sausages sobrassada and botifarron.

You can experience the real nightlife in Palma de Mallorca on January 19 in the evening when the streets of the city are filled with lively music of various genres, people dancing and having fun, with excellent food and drinks.

Sa Rua & Sa Rueta

This traditional pre-Lent carnival takes place all over Mallorca, when the streets become full of fun, various parades and public celebrations. Within the Sa Rua & Sa Rueta parade there is a children’s parade (Sa Rueta) which is in the morning, as well as the main parade. The main parade includes some of the famous streets and squares, and usually starts in the afternoon and lasts for several hours.

Mallorca is also characterized by many other celebrations that bring together the local population and their families, and are also attractive to tourists. Some of those events and festivals are:

  • Revetlla and beneïdes de Sant Antoni, January 16 and 17
  • Festes del Rei en Jaume, which is celebrated in September
  • Holy Week and Pancaritats within Easter, as well as Diumenge de l’Àngel (the first Sunday after Easter)
  • Festa des Vermar or Grape Harvest Festival, in September
  • Ball dels Cossiers, traditional celebrations in the villages of Mallorca
  • Feria de la oliva, in the town of Calmari
  • Dijous Bo, a festival on the streets of the town of Inca
  • Batalles de moros and cristianos, in Port de Sóller
  • Processó de la Beata, in Santa Margalida
  • La Festa de’s Cavall, in the village of Ses Salines


Live Music

Concerts and live music on the streets of the capital or in some of the bars are a great way to experience nightlife in Palma de Mallorca.


Perfect places for jazz music lovers

Some of Mallorca’s towns and villages host jazz festivals, especially during the summer. If you find yourself in the capital, you can indulge in jazz music in some of the night bars:

  • Jazz Voyeur Club: Features free admission, live music, and the popular serving of Brandy. It offers a pleasant and intimate atmosphere to enjoy jazz.
  • Blue Jazz Club: In the popular area of La Lonja, this jazz restaurant offers visitors delicious food, cocktails and of course, great music.


Bars with live music

Nightlife in Palma de Mallorca cannot go without top bars that offer live music. Most resorts across Mallorca offer great live music. Palma as the capital also boasts some fantastic places to enjoy:

  • Shamrock
  • Hogan’s Pub
  • The Three Lions

These bars are located in the Paseo Maritimo, and visitors can dance to pop and rock music until the morning.


Music festivals and fiestas

In the summer, Mallorca hosts a wide variety of exciting events and festivals, the most popular of which are music festivals. In the capital of this island, you can indulge in the ultimate atmosphere of fiestas with big parties, some of which are Sant Sebastia in January and Sant Joan in June.

Mallorca’s most famous music festival is the Mallorca Live Festival, which takes place in May in Magaluf. The big names of the music scene also perform in Palma, in places such as:

  • With Possessio in Palma
  • Son Fusteret
  • the Bull Ring


List of best clubs in Mallorca

Lovers of a good party will be delighted with the nightlife in Palma de Mallorca. This island offers numerous clubs where you can dance until midnight and until sunrise.

Nightlife in Palma de Mallorca is made exciting by nightclubs and discos. Some of the most famous nightclubs in the capital of Mallorca are:

  • Garito Café Bar Nightclub
  • Tito’s Nightclub
  • La Bolsa del Maritimo Nightclub
  • Lunita Nightclub
  • Social Club Mallorca Nightclub
  • New Millennium Nightclub
  • La Demence Nightclub
  • Boulevard Maritimo Nightclub


Luxury nightlife in Marinas

Nightlife in Palma de Mallorca is complemented by luxurious notes of spending time in the marina and port. Mallorca’s marinas are generally characterized by a busy life, especially in summer. This is made possible by the numerous quality bars, cafes and restaurants, many of which offer the option to enjoy food outdoors. Among them are many night bars where you can continue your night out.

Whether you are looking for a dance floor or the best cocktails, nightlife in Palma de Mallorca is the right choice. Near Puerto de Palma, you can enjoy the following places:

  • Marinabistrof
  • Hard Rock Cafe
  • Cafe Canblanc
  • The Dock Bar

Other marinas that offer great nightlife in Mallorca in the form of restaurants and bars are:

  • Puerto Portals
  • Port Adriano
  • Port d’Andratx
  • Cala d’Or
  • Port de Soller



Nightlife in Palma de Mallorca can satisfy everyone’s taste with numerous bars and clubs, and what they all have in common is – excellent service, beautiful surroundings and top entertainment.


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