Wineries in Mallorca

Whether you enjoy the service of a prestigious restaurant, in your luxury villa on the island of Mallorca or decide to visit one of the Mallorca wineries, the rich assortment of Mallorca wines will surely delight you. After visiting the Mallorca winery, you will become a passionate wine lover!

The ultimate enjoyment of the rich taste of quality wines from numerous Mallorca vineyards and wineries offers you an incredible opportunity to experience the true delight of the Mediterranean with a spectacular view of the azure water, the endless blue sky and the landscapes of diverse Mediterranean flora and fauna.

If you decide to discover the magical experience of wine tasting in a Mallorca winery, we offer you an overview of the best Mallorca wines, winery tours in Mallorca and a visit to the most popular wineries on the island of Mallorca. Our review of Mallorca’s wineries and vineyards will become an integral part of your Mallorca travel guide.


The Wines of Mallorca

The pearl of Spain in the Mediterranean is Mallorca, an island of impressive beauty made up of beautiful beaches, delicious local specialties with fish and seafood, and of course – the indispensable drink Sangria, based on wine.

This Balearic island on the east coast of Spain is one of the most popular locations for vacation and enjoyment as it offers a variety of exciting activities and beautiful scenery. In addition, Mallorca wines are essential for a complete experience of the island’s quality food and drinks. Made from fine grapes from the island according to a proven recipe for unassailable and long-lasting quality, these great wines are generously offered by every Mallorca winery.

A brief history of Mallorcan wine

The delicious wines of Mallorca gained their popularity in the time of ancient Rome when the historian and philosopher Pliny the Elder contributed to it with his excellent evaluations of the quality of this wine, and the tradition of wine in Mallorca dates back to 123BC. Mallorcan wine soon found its place as the most popular Roman import.

In recent decades, these incredible wines have once again come to the top of the list of quality wines, precisely because of the first-class combination of top local grapes mixed with international varieties. If you want to taste top quality wine with a pleasant and informative conversation with an experienced connoisseur of wine and its history, the Mallorca winery is the ideal choice for you.

Varieties of wine on Mallorca island

The aroma, taste and structure of the wine are determined by the characteristics of the grape varieties used in production. It is characteristic of Mallorcan wine production that most producers combine domestic varieties with international grape varieties in order to achieve superior taste quality by adjusting and improving the structure. This winemaking strategy is what brings each Mallorca winery closer to the popular and prestigious wineries in France and Italy.

Other factors of successful Mallorca wine production are:

  • altitude
  • the location of the vineyard
  • the proximity of the sea
  • speed of grape ripening


Mallorca has an ideal climate and conditions for the production of the highest quality wines, such as are produced in one of the production regions on the island of Mallorca, the Serra de Tramuntana.

The rich assortment of wines offered by Mallorca winery includes diverse varieties of refined wines. Apart from spectacular white and red wine varieties, Mallorcan wine production also includes excellent sparkling rose wines.

The white wines of Mallorca have different characteristics depending on the variety with which they are combined during production. Domestic white grape varieties in Mallorca include, for example, the Moll variety, which can also be found in combinations with Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay varieties. White grape varieties within Mallorcan wine production are also:

  • Macabeo
  • Viognier
  • Malvasia
  • Riesling
  • Parellada
  • Moscatel
  • Giro Ros

The red wines of the island of Mallorca are characterized by a firm structure of tannins (groups of bitter compounds found in nature, which are important for wine production), high acidity, aromas of black fruits, such as blackberries and black cherries. The red wines produced on the island of Mallorca include the following varieties:

  • Callet
  • Manto Negro
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Fogoneu
  • Merlot
  • Tempranillo
  • Monastrell
  • Syrah
  • Pinot Noir
  • Gorgollassa

 Mallorcan wine tasting

The easiest and most beautiful way to experience the rich taste of Mallorcan wine is to indulge in a tour of one of the Mallorcan wineries, together with their beautiful vineyards. Each Mallorca winery is characterized by a rich gastronomic history and tradition, as well as a pleasant experience of visiting these wineries.

The possibilities for tasting Mallorca’s most beautiful wine include different types of arrangements, which generally include tasting several varieties of wine, and a snack in the form of food, such as olives, Mallorcan cookies and even a complete lunch. All this with a walk through beautiful vineyards and an incredible view! Apart from the elegantly decorated tasting tables, the wine is also served directly from the wine barrel.


Winery tours in Mallorca


Winery tours in Mallorca

The best of all is that for those who find themselves on the beautiful island of Mallorca, there is also a Wine Express Train, which is specially designed for easier tasting of local wines, by taking you on a tour from one Mallorca winery to another. This option is our absolute recommendation if you want to visit several of Mallorca’s most famous vineyards, even in one day.

Of course, you may be one of those who prefer to organize their own exciting trips to the popular Mallorca wineries. That’s why it’s useful to know which wineries you absolutely mustn’t miss during your relaxing trip to Mallorca, as well as all the options you have for independent tours within one of the Mallorca wineries of this amazing Balearic island.

Denominaciones de Origen (DO) – Binissalem and Pla i Llevant

Most Mallorca wineries are located in the area of two popular regions, Binissalem and Pla i Llevant, which proudly bear the Spanish D.O. (Denominación de Origen).

In order for a region to receive the Denominación de Origen label, it needs to stand out for certain characteristics such as climate and altitude. This designation also refers to the system of classification and evaluation of various items within food and drink, while in the case of Spanish wines it guarantees that they are of the highest quality of production.

These two beautiful regions are in close proximity, which means that you can indulge yourself in discovering even several gorgeous vineyards in just one day, where you will enjoy the lavish offers of quality wines.

The regions of Binissalem and Pla and Llevant are known for the cultivation and production of the local red grape variety Manto Negro, which is characterized by a light color and an extremely attractive aroma. In addition, international grape varieties are grown here:

  • Merlot
  • Cabernet
  • Syrah
  • Sauvignon


What is included in the Mallorca Winery Tour Program

As numerous positive reviews claim, the service you receive as part of the tour program of one of the Mallorca wineries exceeds all expectations and is aligned with your finest requirements in terms of quality wine taste.

A tour of one of the Mallorca wineries offers a unique opportunity to see the original cellars for storing wine and try this popular drink made from the highest quality grapes, with of course the company of your choice in the form of friends, family or colleagues, as well as a pleasant tour guide.


Best wineries (bodega) in Mallorca


Best wineries (bodega) in Mallorca

The Mallorca winery collection can freely boast of the ever-increasing popularity of locally produced wine, but also the increase in the number of wineries on the soil of Mallorca, which reaches more than 70 wineries (Spa. bodegas) that produce and package first-class wines with a recognizable taste.

Whichever Mallorca winery you choose on your travels around Mallorca, you will enjoy an incredible refinement of taste that will exceed all your expectations in terms of quality, as evidenced by the numerous excellent reviews of wines from this island.

On this occasion, we will present to you only some of the most visited and prestigious wineries of the island of Mallorca with an excellent offer of top quality wines.

Bodega Ribas

Located at Carrer de Muntanya, 2, 07330 Consell, Balearic Islands, this Mallorca winery is also a brewery, and the whole experience is enriched by the excellent hospitality and enviable knowledge of the winery tour guide.

The family business that owns Bodega Ribas has been successfully producing wine for more than 3 centuries, and the winery itself is one of the oldest on the island of Mallorca. On the site of the vineyard there is a small family estate dating back to the 18th century, where you have a unique opportunity to see what the storage of the produced wine looks like in the original cellar with barrels.

What is interesting about this well-preserved Mallorca winery is that the largest number of autochthonous grape varieties can be found on the 100-hectare vineyard, and in addition, there are also rare grape varieties that have resisted time and extinction.

A tour of the Bodega Ribas winery and vineyard is only possible with a pre-booked appointment. During the tour, which can last between one and two hours, you will also receive the following top benefits:

  • Winery tour guide
  • The winery tour available in Spanish, German, English, Dutch and French
  • Numerous tourist attractions in the immediate vicinity

In addition, in the vicinity of this Mallorca winery there are also excellent restaurants with a rich gastronomic offer where you can finish your wine tasting. Some of the restaurants are:

  • Es Rústic Petit Restaurant
  • Tajer D’Oro
  • Forn de la Placa

Bodegas Macià Batle

Your Mallorca to-do list must include at least one Mallorca winery out of as many as 70 impressive wineries. Another winery on our list is Bodegas Macià Batle, located at Camí Coanegra, s/n, 07320 Santa Maria del Camí, Balearic Islands.

Today, this winery is a real modern building, which uses traditional, local vines in the production of wine. In addition, this winery is the starting point for a tour of the wineries of the island of Mallorca, if you decide to take an exciting trip with the Wine Express Train.

This winery has been producing wine since 1856, and is at the very top of the must-visit wineries in Mallorca. Among the grape varieties that are grown in this Mallorca winery, the main place is occupied by indigenous species. A tour of the winery is possible during the day, at fixed intervals and schedules, and includes a tasting of four varieties of wine with typical Mallorcan snacks.

Ramanyà Wine Cellar

Ramanyà Wine Cellar is located at Cami des coscois, 16, 07320 Santa Maria del Camí, Balearic Islands. This family-owned wine cellar features, in addition to wine tasting and winery tours, a traditional museum that you should not miss. In the museum you can find:

  • Ancient tools
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Old carriages and bicycles
  • Pottery

Ca’n Novell Wine Cellar

Located in the center of the town of Binissalem at Carrer de Bonaire, 17, 07350 Binissalem, Balearic Islands, this Mallorca winery has a distinctive business compared to other wineries on the island.

Excellent wine is made mainly from local grape varieties, and what sets Ca’n Novell Wine Cellar apart is an alternative way of working and collaborating with wine lovers. Their wines can be bought at a cheaper price, if bought directly from them, and in large quantities. The wine bottles are later returned by the customers to the winery, which washes them and reuses them, which can save a lot of money, but also environmental resources.

 Bodega Santa Catarina

This Mallorca winery in the south-west of the island at Carretera Inca – Sencelles, Km3, 07140 Sencelles, Balearic Islands, offers different options as part of the tour program:

  • A tour of the cellar and the vines
  • Tasting of beautiful wine accompanied by classical music
  • A meal in the form of a local specialty
  • Possibility for a romantic picnic among the vines, with a basket of wine and tasty snacks

4 Kilos Vinicola

4 Kilos Vinicola is one of the newer wineries, founded in 2006 by Francesc Grimalt and Sergio Caballero, at Diseminado Primera Volta, 168, 07200 Felanitx, Balearic Islands.

This Mallorca winery offers an incredible option for wine tasting. Unlike other wineries where you can see tasting tables, the wine is served directly from the barrels. In addition, it is possible to walk through the vineyard in order to experience first hand the beauty of the land, climate and vegetation in the area where the highest quality Mallorca wine is produced.

H4 Other famous wineries in Mallorca

As we mentioned earlier, the number of wineries on the island of Mallorca reaches as many as 70. Of course, it is not possible to pay special attention to each of them despite the quality and excellent service they offer. We will list a few more wineries, and we leave it up to you which Mallorca winery you will decide on:

  • Vins Miguel Gelabert
  • Bodega Son Prim
  • Bodega Son Juliana
  • Bodegas José L.
  • Bodega Son Campaner
  • Pere Seda Vineyard
  • Bodega Can Majoral

Beautiful view of a Mallorca vineyard


Final Thoughts 

Every Mallorca winery on our list is an absolute must for any true lover of a quality glass of wine, and we’ve seen why. The beautiful sights of the island of Mallorca and the tasting of the sumptuous taste of this popular and long-regarded drink are an absolute pleasure. Each of your trips will be enriched by the pleasant service of the guide, who, in addition to his passion for wine, also offers impeccable knowledge of the history of Mallorcan wine. All this contributes to the creation of extraordinary memories of the idyllic Mediterranean atmosphere of the island of Mallorca.

We have one final thought that you should definitely remember if you are on this magnificent Balearic island: taste Mallorcan wines!



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