Water Parks in Mallorca

We ask you what you think, is a vacation on the beach enough for hot summer fun or is it possible to enjoy with the family on incredible slides that can be an adequate substitute for sand and waves? The answer is simple, it is possible! If you decide to visit a Mallorca Water Park, you can be sure that your vacation on this island will bring you an adventure that you did not expect in the closed area of the water park.


We have tried to convey to you the real impression that comes to us from the great slides all over Mallorca because this type of summer fun is not only for children but, as you will see, adults also have their top slides! So join us in getting to know Mallorca Water Park one by one.

Water attractions in Mallorca


This well-known island is a true oasis of fun! Free activities during your stay on this island can be filled with great water fun in one of the 4 water parks. Theme parks are impeccably designed and adapted to different age groups of visitors.


Different generations can enjoy here by choosing unusual slides and pools. Parents can especially enjoy with small children in the Mallorca Water Park full of children’s attractions! And of course, the Mallorca Water Park for adults in Magaluf stands out, which is fun and especially suitable for adult visitors. By the way, near Magaluf are Katmandu Park, Western Water Park and Aqualand in El Arenal.


Among the other theme parks that are most visited on the island of Mallorca, we will single out Marineland in Costa d’en Blanes, the Aquarium in Palma and the Jungle Park in Santa Ponsa.


Mallorca is essentially an island that offers a range of both water and land activities. Apart from Mallorca Water Park, hiking in Mallorca is a real challenge as well as an atmospheric experience. The island has 6 hiking routes that reach different parts of the island and divine landscapes that follow certain landmarks.


You can also climb the Tramuntana mountain massif, and the island itself has beautiful towns and villages in traditional style. In fact, the coasts are recognizable by their position on the island.


  • In the south of Mallorca are located the most beautiful beaches – Cala Santanii, Palma Nova, Mondrago, Cala Figuera and others, and the southern side of the island is also known for the town of Magaluf and the slightly smaller town of Santa Ponsa.
  • In the east of Mallorca are the most famous beaches – Cala Mesquida and Cala Agulla, and in the north there is a mountain massif about 100 km long – Tramuntana. There are beaches here – from Calobra, Cala de Deja, Cala Tuent and Port de Soler.


Another fact that is important when choosing the Mallorca Water Park is to be well informed about each of the parks. Consider how many kilometers you need to travel by land from your resort to your chosen park – you don’t really have to travel to the other end of the island to cool off in the middle of summer with small children. Furthermore, park entry tickets are priced differently, so check for discounts on family entry, group visits, etc. Places like this are often crowded, so think about whether you want to go to one of the biggest parks or choose a park that is well suited to the youngest children. Another important thing is the opening hours of the park because it varies from place to place, and this is another important item if your resort is a bit further away from the aqua park.



The world's first water park for adults in Mallorca - Mallorca Gold

 The world’s first water park for adults


The Fergus hotel chain offers tourists extraordinary entertainment for adults and Hotel BH in Magaluf, which is part of the chain of these hotels, is the world’s first water park for adults only. This Mallorca Water Park has provided visitors with the “Twisted Waterpark” with 9 adrenaline slides, on which you can develop a speed of up to 60 km/h in less than 2 seconds. The water slide “Aqualoop” is intended only for the bravest because it twists in the form of pneumatic tubes, with a loop of 360 degrees. There is also a wave pool.


The daily passes you get at Hotel BH Mallorca Water Park mean that you will be able to use unlimited food and drinks, even alcohol and cocktails while you will be able to have fun at the dance floors and outdoor events. In addition, you can look for fun in the pools next to the slides that are designed to imitate waves. There are also jacuzzis among other things. The price of a night in this hotel starts from 130 dollars per night and more.

 Hotel BH Mallorca


This hotel chain is marked with 3 stars. Only adult visitors are allowed to spend time in it. In addition to water fun in the park, the hotel complex also houses the Island Beach Club, where you can relax with music and cold drinks. In addition, you can hang out at pool parties with live music.


The hotel has comfortable apartment accommodation with a kitchen, air conditioning, a safe for safe keeping of documents and money, free Wi-Fi and a nice terrace. Delicious food is served in the hotel restaurant. In the immediate vicinity of the BH Mallorca hotel, is BCM Magaluf as well as Palma de Mallorca.


All 3 hotel pools are surrounded by hotel terraces with deck chairs. This creates a particularly relaxing place to rest, especially after a night out while parties are held by the Stage Pool during the day.


You can also choose to exercise in the outdoor gym, with 120 training machines and a bar where you can drink a vitamin or protein shake.


Full board at the hotel includes:


  • International buffet restaurant that is available three times a day and food is served from 9 am to 9 pm. Three alcoholic drinks are allowed with lunch and three with dinner, and anything over that number is charged except for unlimited soft drinks.
  • Access to Twisted Waterpark, Jacuzzi and wave pool.
  • Access to all amenities regardless of which building your room is in (beach bar, all pool parties and the largest outdoor gym in the world).


The spacious water park "Aqualand El Arenal" in Mallorca - Mallorca Gold


 Spacious water park “Aqualand El Arenal”


Aqualand El Arenal is located in the west of Mallorca and is about 15 minutes’ drive from Palma. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the resort of El Arenal. It ranks among the most visited Mallorca Water Park, which can be enjoyed equally by children and adults. Some of 20 attractions are located within the park, including 14 types of slides. Some of the attractions are:

  • Tsunami simulations,
  • A tornado that will take you to great heights,
  • As well as the lazy river and jacuzzi.


Mallorca Water Park Aqualand El Arenal, in addition to slides, has themed pools, and also attracts visitors with river cruises.


The content for Adrenaline Fun consists of the following slides: King Cobra, Kamikaze, Tornado, Crazy Race, Cua del Diable, Rapids, Banzai.


A special attraction is Kamikaze, a steep slide with a free fall. The Banzai slide is responsible for sliding over the water on a soft board, while the most original slide in the park is the King Cobra. There are also jacuzzis and beaches for surfing with big waves.


When it comes to children’s activities, children can have fun in thematic water parks, including Dragonland, Adventureland and Polinèsia.


Adventureland consists of 12 slides, while Dragonland is designed for the youngest children. Older children can experience real thrills on the Tsunami, Kamikaze and King Cobra roller coasters.


This park is located next to Palma, and you can reach it by car or bus. Parking in front of this water park is free.

 Western Water Park Magaluf


Holiday resorts Magaluf, along with Palma Nova, is the largest resort in the southwest of Mallorca, in the municipality of Calvia. Palma de Mallorca airport is about 30 km away by car. Tourists come to Magaluf for its sandy beaches and great holiday attractions. Theme parks, modern hotels, lively night entertainment in city cafes, bars and clubs (Punta Balena strip) are all modern tourist facilities that you will find in this city. Of course, you will also enjoy quality restaurants and shops.


The western water park with its rides and luxuriously designed slides makes young and old have fun in the most beautiful way possible. Water slides of all sizes and imaginative designs will make the summer more pleasant and arouse in you a real adrenaline adventure.


In addition to the Mallorca Water Park in Magaluf, you can also enjoy water sports – surfing and water skiing, diving and more. Otherwise, here you can choose one of 3 sandy beaches:

  • Magaluf beach which is 1600 m long and 60 m wide.
  • Palmanova beach with a length of 1000 m long and a width of 60 m.
  • Son Matias beach has an average length of 1200 m and an average width of 100 m.

 4 theme water parks


Western Water Park Magaluf has 4 themed areas richly decorated with water entertainment devices:


Adrenaline fun, which includes the following slides:


  • El Latigo (The Beach)

It offers fast driving among big curves! You can spin around Lhasa or find yourself in a pool with big waves.


  • Cola Del Diablo

Theme adapted to the Wild West and Indian tribes.


  • The Beast

This is the 11th highest slide in the world, and it is designed as a kamikaze ride with an almost vertical drop that exceeds 30 meters.


  • Boomerang

A 15-meter-high slide.


  • Crazy Horses

A 40-meter-long slide with 6 tracks.


  • Tornado and Tijuana Twins.


Family Fun, these themed slides provide more moderate rides:


  • Tam Tam Splash – wave pool
  • Huracan
  • Grand Canon
  • Big Hole


Kidz World, where slides are suitable for children and have shallow ends:


  • La Ponderosa
  • Coyote Park
  • El Alamo
  • Daky Park


Chill Out & Play:


  • Wild River
  • Chooros


The only water park in the north of Mallorca "Hidropark Alcúdia" - Mallorca Gold


The only water park in the north of Mallorca “Hidropark Alcúdia”

Within the port of Alcudia is the Mallorca Water Park, which is smaller than the other two parks in Mallorca. This Hidropark offers fun rides on slides and various other activities for different ages. Alcudia water park is smaller than Aqualand El Arenal and Western Waterpark.


In this Mallorca Water Park attractions for adults are available: Kamikaze, Soft Track, Slide Race, Spiral, Line & Lin. The slides are concentrated around two pools with six or seven slides in each. If you are competitive, you can choose Slide Race and Soft Track, where several visitors can race against each other. By the way, two slides – Kamikaze – are responsible for the highest speed.


In this water park, the content is ideal for younger children. Wave Pool, Children’s World, Minipark, Octopus and Neptuno are intended for children. Especially interesting is the wave pool, where waves are launched once an hour, into which everyone jumps.


In addition to water slides, the Hidropark is also equipped with other entertainment props:

  • Castles for playing and jumping,
  • Paint-ball courts,
  • Giant floating balls in which you can walk in the water,
  • mini golf course,
  • Trampolines for all ages.


In addition, there are pools with waves, shallow pools with waterfalls, fountains, and a special area for babies. There are also water aerobics, billiards, air hockey and more.


We will mention that the park has its own fast food restaurants as well as bars so that you can enjoy your time unhindered. These facilities offer hot meals as well as fast food.

 Basic information about the operation of the Hidropark


Hidropark can entertain visitors of all ages because it has different attractions for everyone. The season in this Mallorca Water Park starts on May 1st and lasts until October 30th.

The working hours of the water park are from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and during July and August from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

  • Free internet and free parking are available to visitors throughout the park.
  • The price does not include the use of wardrobes and hammocks.
  • Deckchairs are used in permitted areas.
  • There is no entrance fee for children under 3 years old.
  • Disabled people get a discount.
  • There is a health clinic in the park.


Let’s not forget that in all facilities of this entertainment purpose there are lifeguards as well as members of the medical staff in case of injuries. Sections for children are specially separated, and in some there are also sections for disabled and handicapped persons. Everything in Mallorca Water Park is subordinated to fun and safe enjoyment.

Since these are mostly pools that also have water slides for the youngest children, parents can freely indulge in family adventures. On the official websites of each Mallorca Water Park, you can find a lot of information about the operation of the park and the arrangement of the water content.

Parking spaces are mostly free, which is another important fact when planning your arrival in the party zone.

If you are an adrenaline junkie and spend your summer actively, it is certainly certain that these kinds of entertainment will remain in your memory for a long time – because water fun takes on a completely new look!


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