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Being the largest Balearic island, Palma de Mallorca remains a favorite destination for travelers worldwide. In addition to combining a visit to Mallorca with two other famous islands – Ibiza and Menorca, there are many reasons for a visit. Beautiful resorts, luxurious hotels, and delicious food are some. Mallorca has a delightful climate with long and dry summers. Established by a unique geographical position and enjoyable environment, this island possesses lush vegetation and a clean, shallow sea with natural sandy beaches.

Today, more than 20 million guests around the globe visit this island of unreal beauty. Members of the Spanish royal family spend their summer in the Balearic Islands. Frédéric Chopin and Georges Sand also enjoyed Mallorca. Nowadays, luxurious villas and apartments are owned by famous actors and athletes.

Part of the city of Mallorca is called the Old Town of Palma, and this historic area will amaze you with its outstanding architecture. The Gothic cathedral rises against modern shops, cafes, and pedestrian areas.

Throughout history, this old part of the city was imposed by conquerors such as the Arabs, who called the city Medina Majurka. The name derives from the ancient city of Palmyra.

But these are certainly not the only reasons for your visit to Mallorca! If you want to visit Mallorca, keep in mind what we recommend.

A walk in the mountains

You can tour the Serra de Tramuntana mountains by bike. Of course, it’s always good to get organized and start walking to see why UNESCO declared this region a world heritage site.

The most famous beaches

Playa de Palma, Sa Colobra and Porto Petro beaches are a real sea paradise! To the east is Porto Cristo and the Dragon’s Cave, with the largest underground lake.

Medieval Gothic castle


Castel de Belver is a castle that dates back to the 14th century. It used to be a prison, and today it houses a historical museum.


Medieval buildings

La Seu, Palma’s legendary Gothic cathedral, was built on a former mosque site. The ancient Arab area of ​​the city is famous for the cathedral of L’Almudaina, which dates from the 13th century, and Bellver Castle from the 14th century. These famous buildings take you back to the past and allow you to feel the spirit of history.

Arab Quarter

The specific architecture of the Arab part of the city will take you back to the past. There are museums in which various exhibitions present the history of Mallorca. Next to the Arab quarter, there is another jewel of architecture and a symbol of the city that is 800 years old, Placa Cort, where the city municipality is located.

Modern architecture

In Palma, you can also encounter the influence of modern architecture, which was marked by Gaudí’s influence. Gaudí was once in Mallorca, supervising the restoration of the cathedral. The Fundacio La Caica is a building that was created under Art Nouveau.

Elegant girl riding horse in Mallorca - Mallorca Gold


Mallorca Horse Riding

With a long, rich history of equestrian culture, Spain is one of Europe’s most famous equestrian destinations. With over 40 certified equestrian routes across the country, a span of terrain, and safe Spanish horses to ride, there’s an adventure for all levels of the sport. Whether you prefer to do it in coastal or mountainous regions, we present you with areas you will enjoy.

The Balearic Islands are known to have the best reputation for providing unforgettable beach moments and total enjoyment. However, one of the top activities in Mallorca is horseback riding. Menorca, which is one of the Balearic Islands, is best known for this ancient skill.

This small island has a nature trail called Cami de Cavallas. Riding along this ancient pathway offers some of the most beautiful scenery the island has to offer: cliffs, forests and turquoise coves. That’s why the island of Menorca is a perfect choice for unforgettable moments that you will certainly enhance by watching the sunset over the horizon from your saddle.

Private Boat Trips

If you are looking for untouched nature, conifer forests, turquoise sea and real adventures – welcome to Mallorca! This Mediterranean island with its entire surface has incredible conditions for vacations, incredible beaches with pearl sand and massive mountain ranges that disrupt the harmony of the coast.

What’s the ideal way to get around it all? Something you should not miss is private boat trips in Mallorca. At the same time, it allows you to experience the paradise island from a specific perspective in a way unique to you.

This island is full of vibrant events, disco clubs, and pubs, which have long tempted nightlife lovers from all over Europe. Clubbing doesn’t stop until the early morning hours when the party proceeds to the beautiful beaches dotted with interesting summer bars. Local specialties, such as paella and sangria or spicy sausages and famous candies, will stimulate your taste buds as much as possible.

The offer of activities in Mallorca is immaculate and wildly diverse. Excursions often organized here will reveal Mallorca’s wealth and distinctive features, the cultural and historical heritage, and the contemporary dose of Spanish tourism. The glimpse of the capital and its old core is something that should not be missed. Touring the island by private boat is a very intriguing experience as well.

A wide range of hotels, pleasant climate, beautiful beaches, aqua parks, and nightclubs will surely fulfill everyone, regardless of whether you are looking for luxury, moderation, an active holiday with lots of fun, or an unforgettable vacation. Appreciating these facts, you must go to Mallorca and sing: “Vamos a la playa…”

Private cooking service on the island of Mallorca - Mallorca Gold


Private Cooking Service

One of the activities in Mallorca that you definitely should not miss is the private cooking service.

Healthy Mediterranean cuisine, Asian food, Paella experience, or barbecue; whatever you want, you can get it. It can be a romantic dinner or a big family party. The local chefs prepare food ranging from just a few friends to several hundred guests.

Why do we recommend this? Suppose you have already come on a luxurious vacation, or perhaps you are the owner of one of the fantastic villas on the island of Mallorca. In that case, you should treat yourself to an evening like this and enjoy the gastronomic magic prepared just for you.

You can hire chefs to prepare only one meal or for the whole day, which means preparing all three meals, with desserts and drinks. Chefs in Mallorca are experienced in sailing galleys on boats up to 50m (50+ guests) and have all the necessary safety certificates that authorize them to work on vessels in the Balearic Islands.

Private Catamaran Trip

Is there anything better than sailing on a catamaran, comfortably reclining in a net between the hulls? Especially when it happens in one of the most attractive places on the planet – Mallorca. Renting a private catamaran ride is something you have to experience!

There are many islands and marinas where you can rent a catamaran with a crew and choose the tour you want. They usually last three to four hours and provide an unforgettable experience you will feel with all your senses.

Explore the most hidden beaches, lagoons, and bays, places where there is no one but you and your company. Organize a private party and combine the tour as it suits you. After all, you only live once and should make the most of that chance! You deserve it.

Private Yacht Charter Trip

Sailing and navigating the Mediterranean Sea is one of the Mallorca best adventures and top activities you can afford. From celebrating at sea and creating family memories to experiencing the ultimate romantic sunset, whatever sailing vacation you’re looking for, you can afford it.

In Mallorca, you can charter a yacht or sailboat with crews for half a day, for a full day, or choose a night or sunset cruise. Only the imagination is the limit, and when you’re already in Mallorca, it should be set extremely high. The choice is enormous – from the dimensions and type of vessel, sailing dates, whether or not to hire a private chef, maybe a DJ artist, or whatever you can think of. Mallorca is where all your dreams come true – including real estate you can rent or buy.

A view from a helicopter on Mallorca's beaches as one of the activities on this island - Mallorca Gold


Helicopter Flight Over Mallorca

The ultimate experience that counts among the top activities of Mallorca is the view of the island – from the air! Most tourists see this paradise on Earth from the usual perspective – from a sandy beach or the water. But why should you limit yourself to standard pleasures? Why not treat yourself to something you’ll remember for a lifetime?

There are many companies in Mallorca where you can rent a helicopter for 15 minutes, half an hour, or whatever you decide. Think something like this is costly? Well, it wasn’t. Almost everyone can afford a bird’s eye view of the island, take amazing selfies or stories and share their pleasure with many friends.

Mallorca Jet Ski

If you are a fan of water and water surfaces, you should never miss the pleasure of riding a Jet-Ski. You don’t need any license to rent these boats so that you can enjoy discovering new beaches, caves, bays, and other hidden places all over the island.

The length of the rental depends on your personal needs and ranges from half an hour to more. If you want, you can get a pre-prepared route to follow, which we recommend as it is the safest way to enjoy the water. Maybe spot something you didn’t get from the air while flying in a helicopter?


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