Top 12 luxury villas in Mallorca


The island of Mallorca is one of the favorite destinations for an idyllic vacation. This is not at all surprising considering that this Mediterranean pearl is characterized by the incredible beauty of the coast and the sea, as well as beautiful beaches. Fantastic restaurants, top hotels, and luxury villas in Mallorca are another reason for the incredible popularity of this island among tourists.

If you are looking for the accommodation of your dreams, and you are on this beautiful island, luxury villas in Mallorca can meet all your expectations regarding quality, experience, and service. Depending on the geographical location and the municipality on the island, you will find different villas, each of which is a paradise to enjoy.

Each of the luxury villas in Mallorca is special in terms of what it offers its visitors in terms of luxury amenities, so they can be ideally adapted to the specific requirements of different types of guests. Whether you want to spend your vacation in a luxury villa right next to the beach, in the center of a modern city, or inland surrounded by nature, just choose one of the luxury villas in Mallorca.

Modern cities, lovely coastal resorts, or rural areas with a unique, authentic island charm – in Mallorca you can find exactly the villa that will fulfill your dreams when it comes to total enjoyment. Apart from renting a luxury villa, depending on your needs, you can also buy your estate in Mallorca and turn it into the perfect holiday home.

Of course, if you have decided to stay in one of the luxury villas in Mallorca, you are wondering if it is a good choice. The answer is that it is the best decision for you, whether you are looking for a luxury villa for a romantic weekend for two or a relaxed family holiday for the whole family or friends.

For an unforgettable vacation, choosing a location and accommodation is not enough; preparing well in advance with accurate and complete information is necessary. That’s why it’s essential to check what the villa you’re interested in offers to guests, depending on your needs. It is necessary to pay attention to the following details when choosing a villa in Mallorca:

  • Geographical location: whether you are looking for a modern or rural area, in a busy environment or isolated from city noise, coastal or in the city center, etc.
  • Basic information about the villa: Pay attention to the number of bathrooms (if it is a villa for several guests), the number of rooms, whether there is parking, and the like. Also, check if there is an internet connection, an alarm, and special services in the form of markets and shops.
  • Villa location: Depending on the means of transportation you use, such as car rental, you can determine where you want the villa to be located. This includes the proximity of beaches and other attractions on the island, so if you plan to visit them, keep the villa’s location in mind.
  • Type of vacation: Family, with friends, business trip, romantic weekend…
  • Time of year and dates of stay: You need to book your stay in advance as early as possible when it comes to the high-demand period, mainly around the holidays and at the height of the summer season.
  • Available budget: It is important to determine the budget you have in order to ideally determine the type of villa and thus narrow down the choice.
  • A list of activities and opportunities the villa offers guests, such as additional facilities or luxury equipment, such as a swimming pool, spa center, private parking, garden, kitchen, and the like.
  • If you are traveling with a pet, check if the villa allows pets during your stay.

In any case, what is certain is that luxury villas in Mallorca offer you quality time spent enriched by fantastic activities, enjoying beautiful beaches, culture, history, and cuisine.

We will present several of the best luxury villas in Mallorca to make your choice more straightforward, and you will see their beauty and quality for yourself.


Port Andratx Luxury Villa

The first on the list of luxury villas in Mallorca is the Port Andratx Luxury Villa, with a beautiful sea view, just a 15-minute walk from Port Andratx. The beach is located 5 km from the villa.

The villa can provide accommodation for 12 people, has a total of six rooms and six private bathrooms, and covers an area of 600 m², while the size of the property is 2,000 m². It is necessary to allocate from €1,785 and up per night. The villa is equipped with one kitchen and one living room, and there is also a caretaker who is at your service. Within the master bedroom, there is also a part for the living room, equipped with a desk.

What this luxury villa offers its guests are the following amenities:

  • Private outdoor pool and jacuzzi
  • Parking lot
  • Terrace
  • Guest toilet
  • Air conditioners
  • Area for barbecue
  • WiFi, cable and satellite TV, DVD/CD player
  • Sunbathing area equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas

In addition, non-smoking areas and security are available to guests throughout the day, and accommodation is also available for children. A nanny service option is also available.


Villa Francisco, one of the best luxury villas in Mallorca, is located in Sóller - Mallorca Gold



Villa Francisco, Sóller

Next on our list of the best luxury villas in Mallorca is Villa Francisco, located in the town of Sóller. This villa is a former rustic Finca, that is, a rural estate, and today it is one of the best Mallorca’s luxury villas you can stay in. Gardens surround it with typical Mediterranean vegetation and terraces with olive groves.

A magnificent restoration allows for maintaining the authenticity of the rustic Spanish interior of the villa in a minimalistic style, with carefully selected materials and colors. You can see marble, wood, and stone details, as well as comfortable and high-quality designer furniture. Accommodation is possible for up to 12 people, the number of rooms is six, and there are eight bathrooms in total. The price of accommodation is from €714 to €2714 per person.

Staying at Villa Francisco, you can relax in the pool or enjoy the sun, and there is enough space for romantic moments and watching the sunset over the Mediterranean. This villa is an excellent option for you if you need a quiet vacation with isolation from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is especially ideal for a family vacation.

What guests can expect when staying in this luxury villa on the island are:

  • Room maintenance service as well as babysitting service
  • Two kitchens and cooking services
  • Dining room for 10 – 12 people
  • Large private outdoor pool
  • Sunbathing area with deckchairs by the pool
  • Large stone terrace
  • WiFi
  • Large living room with TV
  • Private terraces within the rooms

The villa is 37 km from the airport and about 1.5 km from the beach in Port de Sóller.


Villa Alaro

One of the luxury villas in Mallorca in the mountainous area of the island is a villa near the towns of Alaró and Santa Maria del Camí, in a quiet environment with views of the Tramuntana mountains. Located at the foot of the mountain in the central part of the island, this luxury villa offers a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere with beautiful surroundings. If you want to take a break from hectic everyday life, this is the ideal place for you.

As a former Finca, the decor and interior of this villa are inspired by traditional French style, with an added touch of luxury and refinement. The number of rooms and bathrooms the villa offers is four, while accommodation is available for eight people. Housing per person ranges from €1,232 to €1,707.

Villa Alaró offers you the following benefits:

  • Room maintenance service, cooking service, babysitting service
  • Large equipped kitchen
  • Elegantly decorated living room
  • Car rental
  • Yoga classes
  • Private pool
  • Private parking space
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • WiFi

This is one of the luxury villas in Mallorca that offers you everything you need for an absolute dream family vacation in the mountainous area of Mallorca. It is also ideal for a group of friends who want to explore the island and its beautiful scenery nearby.

The nearest beach is 40 km away, while the distance from the airport is 36 km. Nearby is Castell d’Alaró, a popular destination for many mountaineers and cyclists, and there are many attractive walking and hiking trails.


Superior Golf Villa

Superior Golf Villa is another on the list of the best luxury villas in Mallorca. It is located a short distance from the beach and golf course on the island’s northeastern part. In this part of Mallorca, you can enjoy numerous beaches, coves, fortresses, and monasteries. Canyamel beach is only about 1.7 km away, so this villa is ideal for your complete holiday on the island, with a highly modern interior and numerous luxury amenities it provides to its guests.

Accommodation in this 400 m² villa is possible for 8 – 10 people. The number of rooms is five, while there are four bathrooms. The price per person per night starts at €1,000. The rooms are fully equipped for your enjoyment, with all the necessary equipment and technology.

What do you get by staying in this modern villa in Mallorca? These are some of the fantastic benefits if you decide to stay in this villa:

  • One spacious living room with TV and dining area
  • Two kitchens
  • Nanny services
  • The private indoor pool and outdoor pool
  • Jacuzzi, sauna, spa, and fitness center
  • Bar
  • Security and caretaker
  • Pets are allowed to stay
  • Restaurants with healthy food specialties
  • Private parking spaces
  • Sunbathing area with sunbeds
  • A tennis court and, of course, a golf course

Some of the villa’s amenities are available within the clubhouse and often depend on the season, so you can inquire about this in advance.


Can Ganesha, Valldemossa

Next on the list of the best luxury villas in Mallorca is Can Ganesha, located 4 km from the quiet and charming town of Valldemossa.

If you are looking for meditation and complete relaxation, this is the right option for you. The area decorated with Buddha statues, the swimming pool with attractive mosaics, as well as other authentic details such as Moroccan lanterns speak in favor of this. The rooms are bright and pleasantly decorated, with typical Indian curtains and brightly colored motifs.

Surrounded by olive groves and other Mediterranean vegetation, this modern villa is located on the slopes above the town of Valldemossa and offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy nature.

The amenities you get at Villa Can Ganesha are as follows:

  • Garden, terraces, and sunbathing area
  • The indoor pool and outdoor pool
  • Pets are allowed
  • There is a playground for children
  • Non-smoking area
  • Private parking
  • Internet connection
  • The Son Termes golf course is a 15-minute drive away

This is another luxury villa in Mallorca that is ideal for your family’s stay in Mallorca. Nearby activities include horse riding, diving, tennis court, bowling, cycling, water park, etc. Accommodation is possible for six people.


Villa Anica is one of the luxury villas in Mallorca near Cap de Formentor - Mallorca Gold



Villa Anica, Puerto Pollensa

Next on our list of luxury villas in Mallorca is Villa Anica, which is a true example of a modern villa. Each of the seven rooms this luxury villa offers guests is worth booking, as they are designed to provide a feeling of luxury and elegance with a wonderful view. The master bedroom has floor-to-ceiling windows and a spacious bathroom with a marble floor, mirror, and Jacuzzi.

The villa is located in a popular location for tourists, the Cap de Formentor peninsula, in the north of Mallorca. Accommodation is possible for 14 people and is especially suitable for a family vacation.

What this villa offers you are:

  • Two swimming pools and a sauna
  • Extremely modern room interior
  • The beach is about 3 km away
  • Sunbathing area with sunbeds
  • A beautifully landscaped garden with Mediterranean flowers
  • Private parking
  • Large kitchen and dining room


Casa Vista Roqueta, Manacor

When it comes to luxury villas in Mallorca, we must also mention the villa Casa Vista Roqueta, located in Manacor and surrounded by hills and the greenery of the surrounding areas. This renovated villa is a true example of a charming country house, with wooden beams, leather furniture, and stone walls, and at the same time equipped with modern details such as chandeliers.

Accommodation is possible for 12 people, and the rooms are designed so guests can have a lot of privacy. One room is located in a separate area, so this villa is ideal for a family or several families on vacation together.

What you can get by staying in this villa are the following benefits:

  • Private pool
  • Five rooms and five bathrooms
  • Living room, dining room, kitchen
  • Large terrace
  • Parking places
  • Nanny service
  • Wi-Fi, satellite TV


Casa Mana

Next on our list of the best luxury villas in Mallorca is Casa Mana, a beautifully designed villa located in the Binissalem Wineland.

This villa is owned by photographers Anna Lui and Matias Alexandro and is an authentic modern yet natural accommodation. The decoration will completely delight you because it brings a touch of warmth and relaxation, and the artworks of famous Mallorcan artists bring a unique freshness to the space. This luxury villa is a haven of peace, away from the city bustle, because it is located in a tranquil part of the island.

What is characteristic of this villa is its rustic appearance, with a restored stone construction, cobblestones, beams, and floors, as well as rustic details in the interior. This former country house is today a real combination of a country house and a modern villa. This is possible thanks to being equipped with solar panels, a rainwater irrigation system, and the building’s natural insulation, which also contributes to sustainability.

What you get as a guest by staying in this villa are the following benefits:

  • Sunbathing area with hemp umbrellas
  • Private pool
  • A garden with organically grown food
  • The distance from the capital Palma is 25 minutes
  • The beaches of Port de Pollenca and Port d’Alcúdia are 30 minutes away
  • Wine tasting in the surrounding vineyards
  • Sustainable heating and air conditioning system
  • Organic hygiene products without plastic


Villa Lilium

Another of the famous luxury villas in Mallorca is the deservedly beautiful Villa Lilium, which offers an impressive view of the sea, especially during the sunset period. This place is ideal for romantic enjoyment and complete relaxation.

Greenery and a garden with Mediterranean vegetation surround this luxury villa on the island, which is located in close proximity to the lovely town of Sóller, popular for its cultural and historical importance.

This amazing villa in Mallorca offers guests the following:

  • Accommodation for eight people
  • Four rooms and four bathrooms
  • Equipped kitchen and living room with TV
  • Room maintenance services
  • Preparing breakfast
  • WiFi

The special benefits that you get as a guest of this villa are:

  • Nature reserve nearby
  • Beautiful garden and surroundings
  • Beach in the immediate vicinity
  • Solarium
  • Air conditioners, central heating
  • Shops, restaurants, and bars in the immediate vicinity


One of the best luxury villas in Mallorca, Mal Pas, is located in Alcudia - Mallorca Gold


Mal Pas, Alcúdia

Another of the excellent luxury villas in Mallorca is the Mal Pas villa, located right on the beach in one of the most beautiful towns in the north of the island, Alcúdia.

Accommodation is possible for ten people, and the villa has five rooms and five bathrooms, and each room offers an exceptional view of the Mediterranean Sea. The picturesque scenery of the surroundings will be the only thing that will disturb you if you are here on a business vacation, and if you are with family or friends, you will enjoy every moment.

By staying in Mal Pas, you get the following:

  • Infinity pool, spa, sauna
  • Beach in the immediate vicinity
  • Internet connection
  • Restaurant nearby
  • Large living room and fully equipped kitchen
  • Fully equipped with the necessary devices
  • Outdoor dining
  • Private parking and garage
  • Playground for children
  • Terrace, garden
  • Sunbathing area with sunbeds


Villa Violeta

Villa Violeta is another one of the luxury villas in Mallorca on our list, which is located in the very center of the island for those who would like to experience a stay on it in this way. It is ideal for family holidays, groups of families, or holidays with friends.

This lovely luxury villa is located in the countryside in Llubi and was once an exceptional Finca. The inspiration for its decoration is nature, as well as the impressive landscapes that surround it. Hand-painted ceilings, wooden floors, authentic crystal windows, and remarkable details and decorations distinguish the villa’s design. Rustic furniture and white walls further complement the pleasant atmosphere.

What you can expect by staying at Villa Violeta is the following:

  • Private pool
  • Contemporary dining room
  • Isolation from city noise
  • Sunbathing area
  • Terrace
  • A garden with olive and citrus trees
  • The towns of Santa Margalida and Llubi in the immediate vicinity


Sa Punta de S’Aguila

Last on our exclusive list of the best luxury villas in Mallorca is Villa Sa Punta de S’Aguila. Ten people can stay in this villa, and the number of rooms and bathrooms is 5. The estate is about 1 km from the beach and 30 km from the airport.

This exceptional luxury villa is located on the coast of Banyalbufar, with an idyllic view of the Mediterranean. Surrounded by vineyards and olive groves on the Tramuntana mountain, this villa is also part of the nature reserve of the same name.

Traditionally decorated with stone elements and designer furniture, this villa offers superior accommodation and comfort. Each of the rooms has a private terrace and a marble bathroom, and they are equipped with the necessary technology and appliances.

This villa offers you the following great benefits if you decide to stay in it:

  • Babysitting services, housekeeping, packing, luggage delivery
  • Swimming pool
  • Elegant living room and dining room
  • Bar
  • Massage and spa
  • Hire a private driver
  • Yoga classes
  • Boat, bicycle, and car rental
  • Fitness
  • Mountain climbing
  • Tennis court
  • The beach is a 15-minute walk away


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