Luxury shopping Palma, Mallorca

To complete your holiday in Mallorca with good shopping, we have tried our best to make Luxury Shopping Palma Mallorca a pleasant experience. We want to introduce you to the atmosphere of shops and squares where trade takes place and where you can afford a quality piece of clothing or jewelry that will remind you of a great time in Mallorca.


The central and main place where sales take place is Palma Mallorca. As a tourist destination, this city has completely adapted its shopping content to tourists and numerous visitors, so here you will find great boutiques and unique shops with high-end clothes and quality garments.

There are two streets in the city that are the main shopping centers: Paseo del Borne and Avenida Jaime III.

 The most famous Mallorca shopping – Paseo del Borne street

If you are a lover of luxury shopping, you are in the right place. Paseo del Borne stands out as Luxury Shopping Palma Mallorca. This avenue can be said to be one of the most elegant in Mallorca, and because of its prestigious boutiques, it was named the “Golden Mile”.

Before introducing you to this location, we will mention that the avenue was mentioned as far back as the Middle Ages, during which an increasingly attractive location was created, today full of perfect architecture. For Luxury Shopping Palma Mallorca you need comfortable shoes because you will be walking through the long promenade, which we can say is one of the many attractions in Palma. We will mention that some of the top boutiques are located in buildings from the past, so Zara is now on the site of Borneo’s cinema.

On Paseo del Borne there is also the medieval villa Casal Solleric, which is intended for art exhibitions. Also, if you need information about the contents in Mallorca, you can walk to the Tourist Agency located in this shopping street.

The promenade that leads along the avenue is arranged in such a way that shopping is a real experience, so you will meet many restaurants with a rich offer of food, and cafes where you can sit and watch what is happening along this attractive location are unavoidable. The pedestrian path is designed so that at any time you can sit down on one of the stone benches and rest after shopping or simply observe the great atmosphere of this wonderful city. The promenade leads to Plaza Joan Carles, while the promenade from Plaza de la Reina goes in the direction of La Seu Cathedral. Everything along this promenade leads to the historic streets of the old town of Palma, which gives this shopping area a special charm. Paseo del Borne adjoins Avenida Jaime III and today this is a location that is a place of great shopping.

Luxury Shopping Palma Mallorca combines Spanish high street brands and special luxury brands, so you can find the following shops on this avenue:

  • Louis Vuitton
  • Carolina Herrera
  • Mulberri
  • Rialto Living
  • Hugo Boss
  • Escada
  • Bvlgari
  • Rolex
  • Rouge
  • Tous
  • Nicolas Joyeros

A walk along the Paseo del Borneo avenue will take you to narrow streets that, although they are side streets, hide a great offer and elegant boutiques. Among the famous shops are:

Opia, C/ de C’an Brondo

A concept store with a modern line where you can find beautiful designer jewelry, quality clothing, accessories, gifts and decorative items.

Casa Lima, C/ dels Paraires

A shop with beautiful pieces of handmade furniture. It is about top-quality carpentry with which you can furnish your home.

Rialto Living, C/ de Sant Feliu

Shop for children and accessories for women and men, as well as stylish interior and exterior items, lighting, fabrics and other decorative items.

  • Jorge Vazkuez
  • Piluca Osaba
  • American Vintage
  • Calzedonia
  • Women’s Secret
  • Occitane
  • Kid’s Home


Luxury shopping in Mallorca - Mallorca Gold


Avenida Jaime III in Palma

In addition to Avenida de Alexandre Rosello, Luxury Shopping Palma Mallorca also includes Avenida Jaime III, which is located between Paseo Mallorca and Paseo Borneo. Avenida Jaume III is home to various shops and the most prestigious boutiques, and shopping is made easier with the many cafes that adorn this shopping environment. This avenue is one of the busiest streets in Palma, and it is certainly known for being part of the city’s “Golden Mile” shopping area.

Well-known brands have located their stores here, and among them are:

  • Sandro Paris
  • Rituals
  • Mango
  • Calzedonia
  • Kiko
  • Cortefiel
  • Cartier
  • Lottusse
  • Guess
  • C&A
  • Bimba
  • Lola
  • Farinelli
  • Desigual
  • L’Occitane
  • WomenSecret
  • Aldolfo Dominguez

Luxury Shopping Palma Mallorca is known for its prestigious boutiques, so Avenida Jaime III is located not far from the best hotel boutiques in:

  • Can Alomar Hotel
  • Summum Prime Boutique Hotel
  • Hotel Gloria Sant Jaume.

One of the more famous is Uterqüe Boutique, while Farinelli Boutique offers brands:

  • Fabiana Filippi
  • Manzoni 24
  • Philippe Model
  • Peserico

Also, if you get hungry while shopping, you should know that Palma has the best restaurants. Restaurant Cuit is located in Hotel Nakar. The famous cafe-restaurant Aromata is on Calle de la Concepcion, which prepares specialties made with seasonal products.

Going further along the eastern part of Avenida Jaime III you can reach several more beaches that depict Luxury Shopping Palma Mallorca:

  • Plaza del Mercat
  • Weiler Plaza
  • La Rambla

Department store – El Corte Inglés

In Avenida Jaime III there is Luxury Shopping Palma Mallorca – El Corte Ingles. Two shopping centers of this Spanish chain of department stores are located here. The largest shopping center with nine floors is located in the city center in the immediate vicinity of Plaza España, where you can buy clothes, cosmetics, jewelry and the like, while in the basement there is a supermarket, a pastry shop, a flower shop.

The smaller El Corte Ingles shopping center is located in the city center on Avenida de Jaume III, and has 6 floors. When you get tired of shopping for clothes, shoes, cosmetics or perhaps electrical appliances, you can relax in a restaurant or cafe within the mall.

Apart from the two avenues we mentioned, Luxury Shopping Palma Mallorca can also be done in:

  • San Miguel Street, where there are numerous shops with different content, both clothes and shoes, as well as cosmetics and accessories.
  • Santa Catalina County. In addition to shopping, this area also offers a pleasant walk along the Paseo Maritimo, which can take you to the most famous cafes and bars.
  • Via Verí, which is located near Borneo. The street is specific because of the vines and different plants that decorate the exterior of the boutiques.


Luxury Mallorca Jewelry at Passeig des Born - Mallorca Gold


Luxury Mallorca Jewelry

Luxury Shopping Palma Mallorca certainly includes the purchase of quality jewelry. This city is full of original designer pieces of jewelry and brands that captivate with their unique appearance. The popularity of the city of Palma has led to famous avenues and department stores and different brands, which are widely known in the world for quality jewelry. Craftsmanship passed down through generations offers luxurious designs and unique pieces of jewelry that can only be yours.

Among the popular brands is Nicolás Joyeros in Borneo. This craft workshop was founded in 1925, and since then it has grown into a family business that has been running for three generations. This brand is synonymous with high-quality jewelry in Mallorca and can be seen at the Palma store on Passeig des Born. In addition to their jewelry, which they make according to the customer’s request, they also sell jewelry and watches of different brands. Among the quality examples of jewelry are the names of luxury watch brands such as Oris, Meister Singer, Frederique Constant, Breitling, Hamilton, Tissot… And from jewelry: Tamara Comolli, Marco Bicego, Jose Marin…

Watches of Switzerland is another choice for Luxury Shopping Palma Mallorca.

The luxury jewelry and watch store was founded in 1924 and since then has created loyal customers who love uniqueness. The store specializes in providing a wide variety of services, such as risk assessments for insurance purposes, replacement of watch or jewelry parts, restoration, engraving, and more.

Although the Swiss watches have a high price, the shopping is going smoothly. You can see pieces of jewelry decorated with gold and diamonds. The offer also includes watches from Longines. We will also mention the brands TAG Heuer and Zenith and Vulcain. Brumani brand jewelry is also on offer.

Another expanding brand located in Palma is the brand of the design house Isabel Guarch. L’Atelier is a manufacturer of luxury jewelry, designed by Isabel Guarch, who is known for creating the highest quality pieces of jewelry. Her fine jewelry collections consist of beautiful pieces of rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and so on.

Pearls from Mallorca

If you love pearls, Mallorca is one of the most famous places for making these shiny beads. The artificial pearl industry has a long tradition and since ancient times women on the island have perfected the skills of growing pearls in artificial conditions. Manacor thus became famous for its pearl factories, where pieces of timeless pearl beauty have been created for centuries. One of the companies is Maria Valco-Mallorca Pearls, which even repairs pearl jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Designer furniture Mallorca

If you are looking for a store specializing in the sale of furniture or other decorative items, Mallorca is the right place. In the southwest of the island, there are shops rich in items for home decor and furniture. The Poligono Son Bugadelles in Santa Santa Ponsa stands out in particular. There are other smaller shops in Port Andratx and Portals Nous.

The Casa Lima brand presents its range in the center of Palma, within a 250 square meter showroom. The offer is inspired by various design influences around the world and covers lighting, large pieces of furniture, and even textiles. In fact, their offer has everything from interiors and exteriors. Sophisticated furniture is crafted by the skilled hands of island artisans, some of which are custom-made. Carpentry skills produce superior quality and guarantee durability, and each piece made to order is a masterpiece.

Luxury Shopping Palma Mallorca can also be done at the Knok Home Store a furniture store with over 1,000 square meters located in Son Bugadelles. Its showroom is a true paradise for lovers of luxury furniture and interior design items. This salon is known for being a design studio with the largest selection of fabrics and carpets in Mallorca. Of course, this brand also offers custom-made furniture.

Interior designer Justine Knox is among the most famous designers of homes in Mallorca. He practices the Mediterranean style and chooses pieces of furniture so that every home is a reflection of the Mediterranean way of life. Even if you can’t find anything suitable from their extensive range, the Knox team will also find a piece of furniture from the supplier of your choice.

In addition to design solutions, this brand delivers, installs, equips and even redesigns furniture. The professional team will do their best to provide the best quality of service and to offer practical solutions.

 Shopping in San Miguel shopping street

With a length of 650 meters, Calle Sant Miquel is another street for Luxury Shopping Palma Mallorca. This spacious promenade is located between Avenida Joan March and Plaza Mayor. A bustling shopping street will take you from Calle Olmos, near Plaza Espana, to Plaza Mayor. On that road, there are also nearby streets with various shops. The real impression of the shopping street is obtained by reaching the Plaza Cort, where there are exclusive boutiques and branded stores. By the way, the street was named in honor of the Basilica of St. Michael and this building is the main feature of the street. Once there was a Muslim mosque in its place, and today it is a church dedicated to Archangel Michael.

 Malls in Mallorca

Luxury Shopping Palma Mallorca cannot be imagined without shopping centers that are fully adapted to shopping, so visitors have at their disposal large parking spaces, good cafes and restaurants and, of course, great shops. Some of the more famous shopping centers are:

Mallorca Fashion Outlet

Within this outlet you will find prestigious brands at discounted prices. More than 45 stores are located in the shopping center, and the following brands stand out among them:

  • Levi’s
  • Amichi
  • Desigual
  • Diesel
  • El Ganso
  • Jaime Mascaro
  • Guess
  • Nike
  • Pieles de Mallorca
  • Reebok
  • Vans
  • Lacoste

Porto Pi Shopping Center

On 5 levels of the largest shopping center in Palma, there are over 140 stores, among which are:

  • Lacoste
  • Zara,
  • Massimo Dutti
  • Mango
  • H&M
  • Calvin Klein
  • Springfield
  • Calzedonia
  • Pull&Bear
  • Women’Secret
  • Intimissimi

FAN Mallorca Shopping

H4 World famous shoes

If you are a fan of shoes, you should know that Mallorca is home to brands – Camper and Lottusse, famous all over the world. Men’s custom shoes are made in Monge, and the best cowboy boots are made in Alaro. Celebrities who love cowboy style especially buy Toni More branded cowboy boots which is another way of Luxury Shopping Palma Mallorca.

If you decide to treat yourself to a good shopping spree, we will also list some of the most famous shopping streets. Among them are the following streets and squares:

  • Carrer dels Ooms
  • Carrer del Sindicat
  • Miquel carrer dels
  • Rosselló carrer del
  • Shops carrer jaume
  • Carrer Sant Miquel
  • Plaça Plaça del mercat

Luxury Shopping Palma Mallorca is simply shopping with a smile. Everything you need for a perfect vacation can be found on this sunny island full of wonderful apartments and houses, one of which can be yours.


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