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One of the best ways to experience Mallorca is to rent a finca in Mallorca. When you find yourself on this island of impressive natural beauty, it is essential to discover all its charms. You can achieve this in an ideal way by staying in a finca, and there are many reasons why this kind of holiday in Mallorca will be your favorite.

If you decide to book a finca on the island, we recommend that you do it very early because most people plan their holidays in Mallorca in one of the beautiful rural areas of the island. In this article, we will try to bring you closer to the origin of this traditional custom and way of vacationing, but also all the beauty that a finca in Mallorca can offer you.


What is a finca?

To introduce you to the beauty of renting a finca in Mallorca, we will start with what exactly a finca is. If you are not familiar with this term until now, you will probably be surprised by how popular it is among many tourists. After the explanation, it will be clear to you, in any case, why this type of vacation is the first choice of many tourists who visit Mallorca.

Finca is a traditional country house in the island style, and when we say country, we mean an authentic country setting in magnificent nature. Often these houses are not located in a busy part of the village, but it is necessary to turn off the main road and then drive for some time to a small passage where the finca can be seen. This will especially delight all those looking for peaceful and complete relaxation in one of the traditional cottages in the rural area.

Finca in Mallorca can be graphically described through several items:

  • A large property with a spacious farmhouse that is fully equipped
  • The land around the house with gardens, trees, palm trees, fruit trees, and flowers
  • Olive fields, windmills, lots of domestic animals, and other lovely rural scenes in the area
  • A cozy kitchen, a living room, and several bedrooms – which is ideal if you spend your finca vacation with the whole family or friends
  • A large swimming pool with an arranged area for sunbathing and relaxation
  • Vineyards nearby that you can visit

The finca is magnificent in itself. You can often see beautiful interiors and exteriors, large terraces, wooden beams or ceilings, and huge windows that offer a view of pristine nature. Finca also usually refers only to the structure or the house itself on the farm, but it basically means the entire rural area in which the house is located.

There are also specially equipped finca hotels, which offer guests numerous other benefits in the form of restaurants with local specialties. At the same time, many exude a sense of luxury and elegance, ideally complemented by the untouched nature in which they are located.


History of the finca

Finca in Mallorca has a rich history, and now we will go through it together. Finca originates from the word “fundus”, the Latin term for a property. Thus, this type of land has the character of a property, which is one of its main characteristics. When talking about the different fincas on the island, what is certain is that each of these impressive vacation homes has its own unique history that is worth noting.

Some of the fincas are over three centuries old, and even more. Many feudal lords built their first rural houses in this area as early as the Middle Ages, and the reason for this was more space they would have for raising animals. Of course, this was of great importance for their needs for higher income as well as food sources.

At that time, people settled in the countryside to cultivate the land around their houses, which maximized the use of resources and created an opportunity for sustainable living. Today, these country estates are prevalent among tourists who want to spend an unforgettable week or two in the natural part of Mallorca. Also, many people buy these properties in order to turn them into their own living space or cottage.

There are different types of finca in Mallorca by land type - Mallorca Gold

Finca popularity

As one of the ways for a vacation that will completely relax you, providing you with deep silence and relaxation of mind and body, finca in Mallorca has gained tremendous popularity.

What particularly appeals to people who would like to stay in one of the fincas or buy it and turn it into a holiday home is that the country houses retain their wonderful rural charm and are often equipped with modern details. In this way, an unusual ambiance is created, and the fact that you have complete freedom, peace, and quiet in the most beautiful parts of the island adds a special charm.

Of course, lovers of local food or top-quality Mallorcan wine are not deprived of great pleasures – often, within the finca property, there are vineyards, numerous fruit trees, olive groves, and much more. The picturesque view of the mountains or valleys of Mallorca, as well as the Mediterranean, is another reason for the popularity of these holiday homes. Fincas are a favorite among families but also among couples and people who want to enjoy a summer vacation with friends. Everyone can find the right finca for themselves.




Types of finca properties

Finca in Mallorca can be divided into several basic types, and the classification is based on which type of land is registered in the Spanish register.

Country houses that belong to the finca can be divided according to the type of land into:

  • Finca on urban land;
  • Finca on rural land;
  • A finca that is a combination of the first two types – a mixed finca.

In the following text, we will explain each of these finca types in more detail.


Finca Urbana: The residential Finca

The first type of finca in Mallorca is a residential finca, i.e., one located on urban land called Finca Urbana.

What are the characteristics of a residential finca? First, this type is intended for construction that includes the following special requirements set forth by the government building code. The requirements for purchasing a residential finca may consist of the number of floors allowed, as well as the appearance and size of the residence, and as you choose them, you need to respect them.

This condition is a kind of limitation when it comes to this type of finca on the island of Mallorca, so you need to keep it in mind if you decide to buy it. However, it is great that obtaining a permit is extremely simple if you comply with all the necessary conditions for the further development of the housing estate.


Finca Rústica: The agricultural Finca

The next type of finca in Mallorca is called Finca Rústica, which refers to the fact that it is on rural land, that is, an agricultural finca.

The characteristics of an agricultural finca, or Finca Rural, as it is also called, are that this property includes a piece of rural land that can be used in two ways – for the purpose of agriculture or as a residential area. However, it is important to note that Finca Rural is entered in the register only as land that can be used for forestry or agricultural purposes.

Thus, Finca Rural can be divided into smaller units, and these are some of them:

  • Agricultural plots;
  • Forests;
  • Different watersheds;
  • Nature parks that are under protection.

This type of finca in Mallorca cannot be divided into smaller parts or individual plots of land. If you buy this type of land, you can build on it if you pay special fees and get the necessary permission from the government. Permission to build a residential unit on this property type is sometimes difficult to obtain. If you plan to live on that part of the land, you will need to connect water and electricity afterward.

The disadvantage of Finca Rústica can be that they are sometimes difficult to reach, even by car, as they are located in isolated rural areas. Also, most services, such as shops and the like, will not be in your immediate vicinity, but this may not always be the case.

The isolation of such a secluded settlement does not have to be a problem; moreover – many people decide to buy rural land because the picturesque landscape and untouched nature all around them provide an opportunity for idyllic enjoyment. Also, the great news is that you can keep domestic animals such as sheep, goats, and chickens on your Finca Rústica.


Finca Urbanizable: The Mixed Finca

A special and last type of finca in Mallorca is the mixed type of finca property. This type of finca means a Finca Rural that can become a Finca Urbana, so it is still entered in the register as land with an agricultural purpose but with certain benefits.

This means that the government has decided that you can transform these lands into residences, as well as give them new, non-agricultural uses. However, this is not entirely official, and the development of this type of property is possible under special conditions, which means that this type of property is transitional to Finca Urbana.

Finca Urbanizable is popular when it comes to buying a property, and people often buy this finca specifically for construction. For this finca to become a Finca Urbana, you need to pay certain fees to the government as its owner. Also, another condition is that you submit a particular plan for transformation into Finca Urbana, called Plan Partial.

That development plan refers to the entire concept of construction and includes, among other things:

  • Landscaping;
  • Construction of roads;
  • Parking spaces;
  • Public space.


Finca in Mallorca in the stone villages near Tramuntana - Mallorca Gold

Where to find a best rural property

Finca in Mallorca includes a diverse range of luxurious homes for your holiday or new home, from magnificent country estates to traditional rustic houses. You can stay in many finca hotels at any time of the year, as they are open all year round, which is another reason to book a finca holiday.

Mallorca is one of the leading holiday destinations, the reason why is precisely its natural beauty. It is therefore not surprising that finca holidays are one of the most popular on the island. On a fine vacation, you can relax in a natural or man-made pool, walk in the nearby mountains or enjoy other exciting activities such as golf, cycling, hiking, or horse riding.

Small or large family-owned country hotels are ideal for group bookings, various celebrations, and events such as weddings or anniversaries. They can also be the right place for business workshops, meetings, trips, and team-building. Rural finca hotels in Mallorca are, of course, also popular among families looking for a relaxing vacation in a rural environment and nature. One of the reasons is the gardens that adorn many of the fincas, which are rich in various fruits and vegetables, and where you can see many domestic animals.

We will introduce you to some of the best fincas in Mallorca and hotels by area of the island.


The southwest of Mallorca

At first glance, the southwest of Mallorca is not a region you would think of as a rural part of the island, thanks to the sandy coastline that stretches along some of the most visited and popular resorts. However, this region is also characterized by extensive rural areas, especially in the foothills of the Tramuntana Mountains and the picturesque green valleys in between. Right here, you can visit some of the best fincas on the island.

  • Near the lovely village of Calvià, you can find the rural boutique hotel Finca Hotel Can Estades: It originates from the 16th century, and after renovation, it became a finca hotel with a rich selection of traditionally decorated rooms, apartments, and studios. What this rural finca in Mallorca offers you are numerous activities, apart from enjoying the view of the surrounding hills, picturesque fields, almond trees, and olive groves. You can enjoy swimming and sunbathing on the nearby beaches, a round of golf, hiking, concerts, or cycling.
  • Castell Son Claret Hotel is one of the best first-class hotels in all Mallorca, and what distinguishes it, apart from its five-star rating, is its superior service, idyllic surroundings, and rich gastronomic menu. This famous luxury hotel in the southwest of Mallorca is located near Andratx and is one of the most exclusive hotels in Mallorca. The country villa dates back to the 18th century, sits on 325 hectares, and offers beautiful gardens and countryside views. This is the ideal place for a peaceful vacation, which you can complete with an outdoor and indoor spa treatment and relaxing in the pool.


The central region of Mallorca

Vast fields, olive groves, vineyards, and other picturesque agricultural forms characterize the central part of Mallorca. Also, in this region, you can come across superbly decorated fincas with excellent accommodation, and these are some of the finca hotels in central Mallorca:

  • Casa Font I Roig: This finca in Mallorca is housed in a renovated historic building from the 16th century. This charming adult-only villa is located in the village of Maria de la Salut. It is characterized by an idyllic garden, a fountain from the 12th century, rooms with a combination of modern and traditional decoration, and an indoor swimming pool. Excellent service, peaceful rest, and views of the Tramuntana mountains are what you get by staying at this finca.
  • S’Hort de Cas Misser: Another finca on the top list is nestled in the foothills of the Tramuntana. Once an oil mill, this family-run hotel is now one of Mallorca’s most charming rustic hotels. It offers guests only eight rooms, but the atmosphere is exceptional and intimate, which is ideal if you are looking for this kind of holiday in Mallorca. Here you can try top-quality homemade olive oil.
  • Finca Hotel Son Roig: This finca in Mallorca near the village of Porreres boasts landscaped gardens, poppy fields, and lemon trees adorning it. There are a total of 12 rooms, and each of them has a balcony or terrace with a beautiful view. The kitchen is excellent; you can rent bicycles and relax in yoga or meditation.
  • Sa Torre de Santa Eugènia: This country hotel dates back to the mid-16th century, and you can choose one of the suites with a view of the Tramuntana mountains. It is on 5000 m² and has two swimming pools, a restaurant, and a wine cellar.


The northeast of Mallorca

The northeast of Mallorca stretches into the famous Alcúdia Bay, so it is one of the most visited by tourists who mostly go to luxurious modern accommodations along the coast. The interior is less populated and ideal for a peaceful and idyllic vacation. Fincas in this part can often be found in the valleys or on the slopes of the mountains.

  • Es Racó d’Artà: This finca in Mallorca offers you a luxurious and peaceful vacation characterized by charming minimalism, ecological facilities, and complete Zen. It has five stars and offers its guests the opportunity for yoga and meditation classes.
  • Cases de Son Barbassa: This rustic hotel is located in the Llevant Natural Park, which means it has an impressive setting as well as sea views. Guests have 20 rooms with modern and traditional interiors, a spa, two swimming pools, and a restaurant at their disposal.
  • Predi Son Jaumell: This elegant hotel near the village of Capdepera offers its visitors 24 uniquely decorated suites, hot tubs, a top restaurant, and spectacular surroundings. Cala Agulla beach is nearby.
  • Son Gener Hotel: This country villa dates back to the 18th century and is located in the Llevant hills. The rooms available to guests are extremely stylishly decorated, and guests can enjoy beautiful views, spa treatments, and an outdoor swimming pool.


The southeast of Mallorca

The island’s southeast is distinguished by its agricultural importance because it is rich in plains and fertile soil. Many of the rural settlements have been renovated and today are some of the best hotels on the island. Here are some of them:

  • Hotel Son Julia Country House: This finca in Mallorca is located just 20 minutes’ drive from the capital city of Palma de Mallorca, and you can enjoy a huge swimming pool, spa treatments, a restaurant, and a lovely garden.
  • Agroturismo Sant Blai: This finca has kept most of its characteristic rural appearance, and you can enjoy numerous activities if you are on a family holiday with children.
  • Finca Hotel Es Turó: Near the village of Ses Salines, there is this 4-star hotel that offers you exceptional rural charm and beautiful views of the surroundings.


The northwest of Mallorca

The impressive Serra de Tramuntana and the surrounding area of Mallorca offer some of the best finca hotels. The island’s northwest is characterized by some of the most beautiful mountain views and the lush valley of Sóller.

  • Can Coll Finca Hotel: In this finca in Mallorca in the Sóller Valley, you can enjoy the pool, the beautiful view of the mountains, or a walk through the olive and orange trees.
  • Ca’s Xorc Boutique Hotel: Another rural hotel in the Sóller Valley that offers a superb restaurant with local specialties, a fantastic pool, and picturesque views.
  • Hotel Llenaire: Near Port de Pollensa, there is this exceptional rural hotel with an excellent gastronomic offer, tennis court, and swimming pool. Apart from the mountains, you have the opportunity to enjoy the view of the Formentor peninsula.
  • Son Brull Hotel & Spa: Pollensa has been enriched with another excellent rural hotel. This country hotel offers you modern details, a luxurious spa, an outdoor swimming pool, and fantastic food.


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Buying a finca in Mallorca

Mallorca can be your dream location and the ideal place to buy a holiday home in the rural region of the island, that is – a finca.

How to buy a finca in Mallorca? First, purchasing a finca on the island of Mallorca depends on the buyer’s budget and the type of real estate or the property itself. In any case, these villas offer endless peace and are one of the most desirable to buy.

Of course, before you decide to buy a finca property in Mallorca, you need to inform yourself about all the types of finca there are to know which finca is ideal for your unique goals. The selection can include properties from small rural properties and houses, as well as plots, to high-end luxury villas for maximum relaxation in modern comfort.

Also, the finca’s price depends on the type and condition of the property and the building if it has one. In some cases, renovation is required, complete or partial, and additional development or obtaining a building permit in others.

So, the available types of finca in Mallorca are:

  • the farm,
  • fairy,
  • mini hotel,
  • palace,
  • property,
  • business space,
  • cottage.


When to purchase a finca

The right time to buy a finca in Mallorca is – right now. Namely, buyers from central Europe, that is, Germany, England, Switzerland, France, and other countries, have been especially interested in buying this type of property in recent years.

The reason for this is simple: selling a finca on this island can bring you extremely high profits, so it is no surprise that there is a massive demand for this type of property.

In any case, buying a finca in Mallorca is one of the most profitable decisions, especially if you have the necessary tourist permit to develop and construct a mini-hotel or an agritourism facility. Eco-holiday is very popular, perhaps even more popular than the top beach vacation. Many people who appreciate privacy and a luxurious vacation will head to one of the fincas in the rural areas of Mallorca.


The price of Finca in Mallorca depends on various factors - Mallorca Gold


How much does it cost?

The main question you can ask if you are interested in buying a finca in Mallorca is exactly what the price of such a property is. We will present you with some examples:

  • €200,000 – €400,000: Small finca or small finca property with a land area of 7500 m² and a building of 30 m² – 150 m²
  • €450,000- €1,200,000: Finca in Mallorca with a swimming pool and a property area of 15,000 m².
  • €1,200,000 – €30,000,000: This price range is for large finca properties with a land area of 80,000 m² or more. These are properties for raising domestic animals, producing olives and oranges, or for grapevine plantations and vineyards.

The prices of some villas can be high compared to other estates, and the reasons or sales factors are different. Some reasons for the higher cost of a finca property are the swimming pool and other modern amenities, the view of the panorama or the sea, the rustic setting, the new or large finca, the tourist permit, and more. The low prices of finca properties and buildings are mainly for those that need renovation, are older or small in area, or are located in some challenging and inaccessible location.


Prices in various regions

Each finca in Mallorca has its unique attributes, conditions and price, and often the cost can be related to the different regions where the property is located.

  • The island’s central region is the most popular when it comes to buying a finca in Mallorca, especially in the following areas: Felanitx, Selva, Porreres, Marratxí, and Costitx. The average price per square meter in the central region is €2,739/m2. This season, investors who advocate for eco-tourism and the cultivation of excellent Spanish wine are extremely popular.

The price of a finca in Santanyí can be, on average, €1,650,000. This is otherwise a trendy place for residential villas, so the real estate prices are accordingly.

In the Santa Maria finca area, the price ranges from €1,800,000, while in other locations in the center of the island, the price is generally expected to be between €1,200,000 and €1,600,000.

  • The south of the island, such as the Llucmajor area, offers fincas near the capital, which can also affect their price, which is, on average €1,350,000.
  • The east of the island of Mallorca is a favorite among famous people from all over the world; some of them are Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. Fincas on the slopes of the Sierra de Tramuntana are particularly popular, and the average price per square meter is €5,200/m2. The most popular areas to buy finca properties in this area are Deia, Bunyola, Valldemossa, Sóller, and Fornalutx.

For example, the northeast of the island, such as the Artà area, is rich in exclusive properties that start at an average price of €1,700,000, and the price can be much higher.

  • The southwest of Mallorca is a region that is particularly popular with customers coming from Germany. Calvià, Son Font, and Andratx are the most popular places to buy property. One of the reasons is, of course, their incredible natural beauty, but also the developed infrastructure, which is particularly attractive to investors. The average price per square meter is €4,750/m2.

The different areas of Mallorca offer diverse natural landscapes and conditions for an absolute dream holiday, which you can enjoy all year round, buying your ideal dream finca. Whether it is a small romantic rural finca in Mallorca or a luxury finca villa that you want to transform into a mini-hotel, investing in the purchase of this type of property is the ideal decision for you because it can fulfill all your needs and desires.



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