Cycling routes in Mallorca: tips and recommendations


One of the best ways to explore the island is on one of the fantastic cycling routes in Mallorca. This island is known for its idyllic beauty, paradisiacal landscapes and views, impressive coastline, mountains, and valleys, offering keen cyclists the perfect opportunity to explore and enjoy.

Cycling on one of the cycling routes in Mallorca can test your endurance on some of the more challenging tracks, especially along the eastern part of the coast, which is recognizable by its mountainous landscape. Descending towards the seaside, with a view of the azure water, as well as numerous viewpoints and switchbacks with magnificent views, will absolutely be your reward at the end of an intense ride on two wheels.

After a challenging part of cycling, you can rest at one of the stops or beaches you will come across along the cycling routes in Mallorca. If you like flat cycling routes, Mallorca offers you a handful, and if you are a fan of steep or some other types of routes, you will also find the path you are looking for on this island. This is precisely the beauty of cycling routes in Mallorca. Whether a recreational or professional cyclist, this sunny Balearic island offers you the ideal combination of ascent and descent, beautiful views of the sea and nature, and adrenaline, which will undoubtedly delight you.

Mallorca is essentially an ideal destination for cycling enthusiasts, and the reasons for this are numerous. With magnificent paths along the coast, hidden pearls inland as well as various places to rest and enjoy the sun, Mallorca is one of the ideal islands for a long bike ride. February is the month of the beginning of the season, which blooms in May and attracts a large number of cycling enthusiasts, especially cycling groups.

The popularity of cycling routes on Mallorca is evidenced by the fact that there is a winter base for many professional cyclists, cycling teams, and training for the famous Tour de France. That’s why we present to you the ten best cycling routes in Mallorca, their main features, details, and tips for the most exciting cycling holiday on the island.


Don't miss Cap de Formentor when touring the cycling routes in Mallorca - Mallorca Gold

Port de Pollensa to Cap de Formentor

Are you looking for the best bike trail in the world? We can make your search easier and present the first on our list of the best cycling routes in Mallorca. This route is considered one of the most beautiful on the entire island and belongs to one of the epic routes you must experience when you find yourself in Mallorca. This route stretches along one of the longest peninsulas, and its view is one of the most impressive in Mallorca.

What does the magical cycling route from Port de Pollensa to Cap de Formentor look like? We will show you several items:

  • The first part of the track includes several steep sections, so careful driving is especially recommended for beginners and recreational users, as well as for those who are on this track for the first time.
  • Afterward, many cyclists take a break at Es Colomer viewpoint, where you can take great photos of the landscape
  • The route continues through the pine forest, where the atmosphere is more relaxed
  • Finally, at the end of the route, you reach the Formentor lighthouse, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the sea.

If you need a rest on this cycling route, you can relax in a cozy hut at the Es Colomer parking lot. In any case, you can also wait until you reach the end of the trail and the Formentor lighthouse, where Cafeteria Far Formentor awaits you right next to it. On this return trip, it is recommended that you also visit the nearby Formentor beach, which covers a total of 37 km. Numerous excellent accommodations characterize Port de Pollensa, and Illa d’Or stands out, a luxury hotel with various facilities for cyclists near the route’s start.


Southern Tramuntana Coastal Road

One of the best and most exciting cycling routes in Mallorca is located in the southern part of the foothills of the Tramuntana mountains. This route stretches along the coast from the town of Esporles to Andratx and, like many routes in Mallorca, is characterized by rolling hills as opposed to contoured tracks.

If you find yourself in Mallorca and have a passion for cycling, this is one of the must-do routes for you, as it offers you magnificent views and places to rest. On one side of this route, you can enjoy the mountain top of Galatzo, and on the other side, the view of the Mediterranean. As for the trail itself, it is wide and pleasant, and the good news is that the traffic is less busy than on the surrounding roads.

What can you see on another of the best cycling routes in Mallorca? First, this route passes two lovely villages in Mallorca, Banyalbufar, and Estellencs. The village of Banyalbufar is protected by the Tramuntana UNESCO World Heritage Site and is characterized by a unique landscape with agricultural use. It is characterized by stepped fields of exceptional beauty. Another picturesque village on this route is Estellencs, which provides a lovely place to relax over a coffee. At the end of this cycling route are Esporles and Andratx, which are known for their authenticity, and at the same time, represent two important historical places.

If you want, you can make a round trip out of this route by connecting it with the paths of the villages in the interior of the Tramuntana mountains, which are less well known but also great for experiencing Mallorca by bike. Thus, this loop includes as much as 65 km of unforgettable driving on the island of Mallorca.


Orient & Soller

When it comes to exciting routes on the island, this is another one of the cycling routes in Mallorca that you definitely have to try. It stretches between the towns of Alaró and Soller, is 37 km long, and climbs to 900 m. If you are a professional cyclist used to high-pressure and intense riding, you will be able to do this very easily and enjoy it. The impressive scenery, villages, and towns that make up this route further increase its popularity among cyclists.

What does this cycling route look like? We’ll show you right from the start of the journey:

  • The starting point of the route is the town of Alaró
  • Then you climb the gentle ascent of the Coll d’Orient through the Tramuntana mountains to the village of Orient
  • Further on, another ascent of the Coll d’Honor awaits you before descending into the forest area
  • After that, you reach the Coll de Soller, a quiet and gentle climb overlooking fields of almonds and olives
  • You can further descend to the town of Soller, where tight turns await you at short time intervals.

Like other cycling routes in Mallorca, this route offers you the opportunity to see the two pearls of Mallorca, the towns of Orient and Soller, which have great historical importance and are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site mainly because of their authentic and traditional rural setting and Mediterranean lifestyle. In them, you can indulge in the view of the stone architecture with a pleasant coffee or a delicious Mediterranean lunch with local ingredients. All in all, this cycling route is one that you will definitely not forget.


One of the favorite cycling routes in Mallorca is to Valldemossa - Mallorca Gold


Deia & Valldemossa

Another of the excellent cycling routes in Mallorca stretches between the town of Soller and Valldemossa along the coast. This is actually a coastal road that is also attractive to cyclists. The road itself is away from the resorts located near the capital city of Palma, and favorite destinations on this cycling route are the historic villages of Deia and Valldemossa.

This route between Soller and Valldemossa is only 20 km long, making it ideal for cyclists of all skill levels. If you wish, you can combine it with other routes on the island.

The characteristics of this cycling route are its sections with periods of ascent and gentle slopes, making them accessible to recreational cyclists who enjoy cycling. The road is generally winding, with views of picturesque villages and the sparkling Mediterranean, as well as the Tramuntana mountains on the other side.


Cycling in Palma

The list of the best cycling routes in Mallorca must also include the roads through the capital, Palma de Mallorca. One of the most famous routes in Palma stretches from Porto Pi to El Arenal. Along this route, you can also see modern areas such as Portixol, El Molinar, and Ciudad de Jardín, as well as some of the most beautiful resorts on the island, Arenal and Playa de Palma.

Cycling routes in Mallorca give you an excellent opportunity to discover the city’s promenades, bars, clubs, hotels, and restaurants on the beach, which is also the case with this route. In addition, you will have an impressive view, further complemented by the pleasant atmosphere of cafes and restaurants on the coast. As for the path itself, it is flat and pleasant, but watch out for other cyclists, pedestrians, children, and others, because most of it is part of the promenade along the coast.

If you need to rent cycling equipment, you can do it in Palma, and it is recommended that you have your personal documents with you and reserve everything you need in terms of equipment in advance.


Coll de Soller

The Sóller Tunnel was opened back in 1997, and most of the traffic takes place here to avoid the inconvenient roads that are mostly winding and lead through the mountainous area. In this way, space has been opened for one of the favorite places regarding cycling routes in Mallorca – Coll de Soller. This is one of the most famous climbs on the island, which is open on both sides, and the real challenge awaits you towards the south.

What makes this part of the road a favorite of many cyclists who find themselves in Mallorca is that it is an absolute pleasure to ride in this area, and the traffic is rare due to the tunnel. The view is on one side of the sea and the other of the impressive Palma de Mallorca. This is why Coll de Sóller is one of the unforgettable spots for cyclists on this island.

At the very top, you can relax in the Ca’n Topa cafe, which also has a small pool open to guests. We also recommend the restaurant D’alt des Coll, which has a beautiful view from the terrace. Many excellent accommodations are available in the area, such as the Hotel Illa d’Or in Port de Pollença.


One of the best cycling routes in Mallorca is from Port de Soller to Sa Calobra - Mallorca Gold


Port de Soller to Sa Calobra

Another on the list of the best cycling routes in Mallorca extends from Port de Soller to Sa Calobra.

When it comes to cycling routes in Mallorca, Sa Calobra is a village that is considered one of the most exciting cycling spots on the island. Its ascent is one of the most demanding in Mallorca, but the spectacular scenery and relief make this route a must. The picturesque Port de Soller starts this excellent route that covers 38 km and takes about three hours. What you can see along this path is Mallorca’s highest peak, Puig Major, which is a highly worthwhile sight.

What should be noted is that this route includes narrow paths and roads, and traffic can be very heavy during the season. For this reason and due to the existence of sections at high altitudes, it is advisable to plan your departure early enough.

On this route, you can ideally relax in Cafe Escorca, which is specially located just before the turn to the main climb of the route. Here you can refresh yourself with various drinks and freshly squeezed fruit juices, and you also have the opportunity to eat a delicious sandwich before continuing the route. If you need accommodation, you can stay at the top hotel, The Bikini Island & Mountain, which offers an impressive view of the bay and island flowers.


Port Pollenca & Sa Batalla Circle

Cycling routes in Mallorca include classic courses such as the next one on our list, stretching through the northern part of the Tramuntana mountains. This route passes through Campanet, Caimari, and Selva, and one of the favorite climbs on the island of Coll de sa Batalla is also located on this part of the route. You can enjoy rural landscapes of exceptional beauty, as well as views of the Tramuntana mountain.

At the end of this route, you reach the loop next to Lluc, descend through the Coll de Femenia to Pollenca, and then back to the journey’s starting point. The loop itself is 70 km long, and the ascent you can reach is 900 m. Driving this way is very comfortable and pleasant, and you can complete the route with other paths, such as Cap de Formentor or Sa Calobra.


Manacor to Arta

Cycling routes in Mallorca are distinguished by great diversity, so every experienced cyclist or lover of a good ride can find the right path for themselves. Another great route that gives you an easy and long drive is from the lovely town of Manacor to the equally beautiful place of Art.

What makes this cycling route on the island special? This gravel path used to be the Vias Verdes railway line, which was transformed into a cycling route in 2015. It’s a fairly safe option for cyclists who don’t have much experience, and it’s also ideal for child cyclists. The route is 29 km long, mostly winding, and stretches through beautiful plains, fertile soil, pine forests, and wild olive trees.

For a break on the way, you can stop in the small town of Sant Llorenz and rest in the cafe-restaurant s’Estacio, which used to be a railway station. Yartan Boutique Hotel is a renovated 18th-century hotel in the center of Arta, where you can relax with a massage or in the pool in the garden.


Palma to Arenal

If you are looking for cycling routes in Mallorca that are the least challenging, you can indulge in exploring the following course. This route on the island starts near the ferry port located in Porto Pi, so it gently stretches along the bay of Palma, and its entire length is smooth and flat, making it ideal for a relaxing ride.

The urban view on one side of the route is complemented by the view of the beautiful azure sea on the other side of the route, so the only advice when it comes to this path is to be careful of other cyclists and road users because the beauty of the landscape can only distract you. This is quite justified because this 17 km long trail passes by the famous Gothic cathedral, as well as through Portixol and several wonderful beaches.

Mai Mai Surf Bar can host you if you need a little break. Here you can enjoy the bay view, snacks and tasty treats for more energy on the way. When it comes to accommodation, we recommend the Hotel Playa in Ca’n Pastilla, where you will find the following amenities, ideal for cyclists:

  • Rental of racing bikes
  • A garage for bicycles that is open 24 hours, with the possibility of washing and maintaining bicycles
  • Quality filtered water that is free

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