Alcudia beaches: Complete Guide

The bay of Alcudia is the most popular destination in Mallorca, located just northwest of Mallorca, between Alcudia and Pollenca. Made up of challenging beaches, with the most beautiful landscapes that nature created and toiled, this landscape is a fascinating sight!

The moderate Mediterranean climate further emphasizes the natural beauty of this island. The tradition and history of this place have been resurrected today with a new spirit in the splendor of the most beautiful hotels, restaurants, and resorts located along the beaches of Alcudia.

The best beaches in Alcudia

If you like architecture influenced by history, tradition, and the uniqueness of Mediterranean nature, look no more…Alcudia is the right choice for you! This resort is located in the immediate vicinity of the capital city of Palma. Archaeological finds have shown us that civilization existed in this place during the ancient Rome period, and it is a place where the Romans also built a small amphitheater. Alcudia also preserves fragments of the settlement with all the towers and protective ramparts that date from the 14th century. Apart from these medieval charms created by human hands, this place stands out for its sandy beaches, stretching up to 10 km. In the next chapter, we have tried to describe the beauty of several of Alcudia’s most famous beaches.

Alcudia Beach

Before we take you to the magical places of the Mediterranean climate of Mallorca, we will start by getting to know perhaps the most famous Port of Alcudia. It is located near the town’s old parts, which have the best restaurants. Not far from the port is the 14th-century Alcudija castle, which resembles an authentic medieval city fortification. The remains of Roman ruins will undoubtedly get you a taste of the historical flavor. Another exciting event that occurs a couple of times during the week is a market that offers a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and fish.

As for the beaches themselves, Alcudia beach stretches 15 km along the sandy coast, where the most diverse contents for relaxation take place together. The plaza is located in the northern part of Mallorca, about 60 km from Palma de Mallorca. If you plan to drive from the airport, it will take up to an hour to reach your accommodation.

Specifics of Alcudia beach

The Bay of Alcudia will captivate you with its kilometer-long pedestrian beach that stretches south, from Can Picafort, all the way to Port d’Alcudia, to the north. Port d’Alcudia is a favorite vacation spot for parents with small children and the most popular resort in Mallorca.

Alcudia has the broadest sandy beach in the bay, 100 meters wide. The lively texture of the sand and shallow waters is a real challenge for children. You can indulge in

swimming without fear of deep water! Suppose you are planning a vacation with children. In that case, this beach is undoubtedly suitable for the youngest because it is shallow and wide. The promenade leads all the way to the port of Puerto de Alcudia. It is ideal for sports activities or the most ordinary stroll.

The beach has all the necessary amenities, including showers, deckchairs, umbrellas, and toilets. There are sports associations and water sports everywhere, and if you like shopping, you will come across different stores. Entertainment can also be found in bars and restaurants. Near the harbor, in Port d’Alcudia, there is also a fully equipped playground, so if you are not in the water, you can play on dry land with your children.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that we think this amazing sandy beach has:

The beach is specially designed for children

As we said, the lovely sand and shallow water are the best choices for the little ones. In addition, the privilege of the beach in Alcudia is that it has calm water and small waves, which favors children and everyone who likes safe swimming.

Promenade along which there are restaurants

Along the sea coast, there are facilities where you can find food or refreshments. This beach has many cafes and restaurants, where you can have fun when you are not in the water.

S'illot beach in Mallorca - Mallorca Gold

S’illot Beach

We are now moving away from the sandy beach of Alcudia and heading towards the east of Mallorca. The following tourist destination, once a fishing village, is S’iIlot, today an exclusive resort. Drive about 60 km from Palma de Mallorca Airport to the resort of S’illot.

This place has two names for the beach. One name is Platja de S’Illot, and the other is Cala Moreia. Although the S’illot resort has preserved the tradition of a peaceful and quiet fishing village, it has modern tourist content. If you love the sea, you can always sit in one of the boats and enjoy the marine environment. The other resort this connects to is Sa Coma, which is a bit more modern and has a much richer nightlife.

As for the beach, like all Alcudia beaches, S’Illot has a fine sandy beach up to 50 meters wide and 350 places long. Tourist content is provided by bars and restaurants located in the street behind the beach. The Beach Bar stands out in particular, which leaves the biggest impression on tourists.

The unique feature of this beach is:

Wind and waves

Although the beach has a wide coast, the water is produced relatively close, while the wind from the east brings waves and sea currents. Windy weather causes big waves, so it will be necessary for you to take shelter near a small harbor.

Water activities

Like all beaches in this region, this one also provides enjoyment for children who can play in the shallow water. We emphasize that the beach has a lifeguard because there are many activities on the water, while Sa Komi beach has the largest selection of props for water sports.

Sant Joan Beach

The northern part of Mallorca is recognizable by Sant Joan beach. This beach, only 115 m long and 15 m wide, is located near the residential area of ​​Mal Pas, on the Cap des Pinard peninsula. Although it is a sandy beach, one of the many beaches of Alcudia, it also has rocky parts with rocks close to the shore. The beach itself is in a kind of fall with rocky edges. The gulf of Pollensa has a unique charm with a bay about 250 meters long. From this area, the area of ​​Formentor can also be recognized.

Of course, the winds blowing from the North are also present here, and you need to know that this is one of the beaches with the most waves on the island. Otherwise, like all other beaches of Alcudia, this beach does not lack catering facilities such as food or umbrellas, showers, and others. In the Port of Sant Joan, you can start a sailing school, and you will also have the opportunity to rent equipment for surfing.

The unique feature of this bay, which is part of the beaches of Alcudia, is:

If you like pine forest, this is the right place. There are green forests in the area that give a unique charm plasma. Also, there are no high-rise buildings and high-rise tourist facilities here, but relatively low houses.

As we have pointed out, this is one of the windiest beaches, while the rocky cliffs and slight slope can hinder anchoring. And regardless of all this wonderful natural environment with coastal rocks depicting real marine life.

Sant Pere beach

Sant Pere Beach is the only pedestrian beach in this part of Alcudia, along with Sant Joan Beach, located between Marina de Donaire and the village of Mal Pas. This beach is a few kilometers from Alcudia and offers a beautiful panoramic view of the bay of Pollensa and the area of ​​Formentor. In its neighborhood are the beaches of Sant Joan and S’Illot.

In terms of length, this is a relatively small sandy beach, up to 100 meters long. In comparison, the depth of the coastal area is up to 4 meters, so it is not recommended to anchor boats in this area. In addition, it is an accessible place equipped with all the facilities for a holiday found along all the beaches of Alcudia.

From the beach, you enter the water with a gradual slope. Its position is such that it is sheltered from the waves. The natural environment is beautiful and arranged, and there are not too many urban buildings.

Alcudia beaches on Mallorca - Mallorca Gold

Aucanada beach

If you want to feel peace and a pleasant vacation in the true sense, then this beach is ideal because it is entirely non-commercial. Of all Alcudia beaches, this beach does not have too many shops, restaurants, or houses. A small coastal village represents an atypical vacation spot without the hustle and bustle. If you need something from the shops, the nearby town of Alcanada is always available.

Specificities of this region:


Seaweed is a feature of northern Mallorca. Of all the Alcudia beaches, this beach has perhaps the most important ecosystem. Seagrass slows the erosion of the coast and the seabed. However, this does not mean that the grass will be an obstacle to entering the water because you can choose where you will step into the water.

Gravel beach

Unlike other Alcudia beaches, this beach lacks sand. It is a shale place with a sandy seabed, while the entry into the water is shallow. The beach stretches through a grassy area, so you can look for sand in the part of the beach in the city, opposite the HSM President Hotel.

Coll Baix Beach

The north of Mallorca is rich with other Alcudia beaches. Coll Baik, or Platja del Coll Baik, is located on the peninsula of La Victoria. Coll Baix is ​​a remote beach about 5 km from the town of Port d’Alcudia.

Coll Baix plaza is about 220 meters long and wide, characterized by coarse sand, and the water quickly becomes deep. There are no facilities, but there is a toilet before the last slope towards the beach.

The beach can be reached by the dirt road Carrer de la Muntana but also by boat from Port d’Alcudia.

Specificities of this region:

The beach is not very suitable for children

The road to the beach is quite steep and uphill, while the water on the beach quickly becomes deep in some places.

A vacationer in the area

These are the settlements of Port d’Alcudia and Mal Pas.

Muro Beach

In the town of Muro, in the northeast, there is Playa de Muro – the most extensive and longest sandy beach in Mallorca, among all Alcudia beaches.

This beach, 6 kilometers long, received the blue flag as a special award for white golden sand and extremely turquoise and shallow water. You can walk a long way before the depth hits, and the beach stretches down a gentle slope to shallow water where children can play safely. Playa de Muro also has windier conditions and more giant waves than the beach in Alcudia.

Playa de Muro has 4 different sectors with numerous services. All three beach regions, except the Es Capellans region, have the Blue Flag award.

The 4 sectors of Playa de Muro are:


This part is located 3 kilometers from Port d’Alcudia and has many restaurants.

Aka Es Brac

The part starts from the canal S’Oberta that passes through the natural park of S’Albufera.

Es Comu

This part of Playa de Muro is within the S’Albufera Natural Park with 1.5 km of isolated beach and sand dunes.

Es Capellans

As you get closer to Can Picafort, the beach gets busier. The beach here is about 400 meters long, and you are again in a tourist area with all the facilities you could need.

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